Teams that are "looking" strong thus far..(strictly theory fighting)

Now that the roster is a decent size I think it’s okay to theory fight.

What team combinations are looking strong so far, based on the little information we have so far? For me,

Trish/Doom - chip like hell and zone them to oblivion

Morrigan/Tron perhaps?

I think Dormammu would fit in perfectly with Trish/Doom.

I wonder if Team Z will ever exist again in another form, seeing as Juggernaut probably won’t return.

Is it me or is Dormammu’s range a little short?

Startup on his projectiles is a little slow, he’d need to spam Doom’s assist hypothetically speaking right?

It seems like health-regen is going to play a larger factor in this one, do you guys think there will be teams where the priority is having everyone good on point?

Probably not, but Skrull/Chun/Dante seems like it could be an excellent 3-point team.

I still think in the end you need that godlike assist.

Everyone is hoping that Dante will be a good character. Let’s see how well they actually made him.

But it would be really hard to guess what teams would be “looking” strong right now.

How hard is it to make educated assumptions?

I think the projectile speed is slow because he can fly, teleport, and 8way dash.

Team BrushW0rk!

Team TAX a noob

Picking top tier characters? I’m gonna have 2 TAX you for that.

Mirroring my team? TAXed!

TAXing noobs in Spring 2011


Viewtiful Joe and Amaterasu are already looking like a good pair.

Frm what we have seen, and also from what we know; keep away still seems mighty powerful. Rushdown characters will have low health (and rightfully so) and will also have a hard time getting in due to the way the hyper meter is currently built.

I would say the best team would be one based solely on keep away and zone(or trapping you at long range.) The team would probably only have a character of hybrid trait to be able to rushdown if needed during a given match.

Deadpool looks like he would be in most teams, mostly as point. and would get support from characters who can fill the screen with crap or have a good anti-air. Iron man, Okami are also good candidates to be in a strong team due to versatility; Trish and Dormmm and perhaps Doom are honorable mentions for supports and/or DHCs

Chun-li/Felicia/Thor/Morrigan/Hulk won’t be in any strong teams or could be easily subbed for someone that can do what they do but with other more usefull abilities as bonus.

Dormammu/Doom/Tron-Team Lays

Amaterasu. Get it right. =/

Iron Man/Dorm/Ryu: Team "Fill the screen with shit"
wolverine/IM/Dante: Rushdown
redfield/deadpool/doom: keepaway

ill post more when im more motivated

Doom Rocks looks to be a good assist still, and Hulk Rocks looked to be decent for characters that have 4-Way Mixups for that ambiguous nature.

Trish/Doom will probably be the de facto trap team nucleus, although if Dorammu gets a good enough set of assists, DorDoom can probably be the next BH/Doom.

If Dante’s Powerslide is fast, he’ll end up as CapCom AAA. If DP’s Shoryu has invincibility frames, he’ll end up as designated assist too, because it seems to be pretty fast.

Ammy/SixMachine Joe/Mighty Tornado Thor could be Team One Hit THC.

Trish’s Trap Assist will be a godsend for Thor/Skrull/Tronne/other grapplers.

X looks to move fast enough that any Projectile assist will give her some Sonic Boom shenanigans. Really, Sniktbub/Felicia/X/Chun are kind of interchangeable at this point, so if you back them up with, say, Morrigan or Ammy and a good AAA you have your rushdown team. Put Morrigan on point/use Chun/X’s dash tricks and you’ve got bootleg MSP.

If Hulk stops sucking, Hulk/Tron/Doom could be Team Z 2010. If he keeps sucking, Thor might work in Juggz’s slot.

Deadpool/Doom/Tron > DDT

Joe/Dormmy > Team VD

Ammy/Ironman/Doom > Team AIDS

Trish/Ironman/Tron > Team TITS

1.) Any character that can change sides quickly on you (Captain America cartwheel, Felicia Cat Crawl, Wolverine Teleport Dash Thing, Viewtiful Joe and X-23’s horizontal divekicks) paired with…

2.) An assist that hits multiple times for a good duration (Chris Projectile, Amaterasu Projectile)

Should yield some really cheap crossup shenanigans.

Lol why did you quote me? I was talking about chip damage.