Teams That Enhance Venom

MVC 2 has a handful of decent characters that become exponentially more dangerous in the right lineup. I was messing around earlier in training and I started using
Venom - Expansion
Thanos - Capture
Charlie - AA
This team has one of the best DHC sets and variable trick setups in recent memory.
I will elaborate:

Venom - lk,(call Charlie) lk, Venom Web, -> Space -> Sonic Break
Thanos - HP throw -> Reality (otg) -> immediate Venom Web-> Crossfire Blitz
- lk, lk, Power -> Anything
Charlie - x2-> Somersault Justice-> Venom Web -> Space
- lk, lk, Hp-> Crossfire Blitz -> Space or Soul or Power -> Venom Web or Death Bite

Basically everything works.

Venom - Launch, call Thanos, sj.lp,, sj.lp, sj.hp, bubble connects, land ->THC or relaunch or word bubble.

Charlie - Call Thanos, lp, lp, hp, Bubble connects or pause, Hp throw (into bubble) -> THC or launch.

     - Call Thanos, x2, overhead kick (what to do?). Throw if they block both. Laugh if they try to attack before the HK comes out and the bubble hits them.

Thanos - Power-> Sonic Break -> chase them!

Perhaps later I’ll add my Venom/BB Hood stuff, but this team is good fun.
Anyone else have a good team that brings out the Venom?

DHC’ing From Iron’s Mans Proton Cannon To Venom’s Death Bite Is Too Much Fun, Especially if You have an Assist Captured In There.

Would Venom and Bh work well together?

Yes, Just use Cyclops/Doom/Sent/Tron with them so the team works well together.

With Cyclops’ Anti-Air you can punish everything,
With Tron You can do Very Damaging combos and DHC’s,
With Doom you can have alot of coverage and chip,
And with Sentinel you have a lot of coverage and Free chipping.

You seem to be an experienced venom player. Do you know any particular traps with bh and venom? Also do you know any way to combo into venom web? The only one I know is venom rush to venom web but timing bit difficult.

BlackHeart and Venom Trap

  1. S. Light Kick + Black Heart Anti-Air Assist, S. Medium Kick, Venom Fang, Throw -----> Then you can snapback, Aircombo, or Hypercombo.

Use an assist to get the most damage out of comboing into Venom web.

My Personal Favorite Combos Into Hyper Combos (With Assists):

  1. S. Light Kick + IronMan Projectile Assist, S. Medium Kick, xxx Venom Web
  2. S. Light Kick + Tron Projectile Assist, S. Medium Kick, xxx Venom Web
  3. Sentinel Ground Assist, Throw (Heavy Kick), xxx Venom Web
  4. S. Light Kick + WarMachine Anti-Air Assist, S. Medium Kick, xxx Venom Web