Teamspeak : vocal chat for ST

Hey guys, nothing so original to show, but it is quite weird nothing as been done for ST players to talk together on a TS channel.
So Fightplay (a french site, they organize vs fighting games online tourneys) has opened a TeamSpeak server, and well it is very simple to install.
Go there :
Download “client”, depending on your Windows version.
Then click in the menu bar, “Connections / Connect” and put those numbers in “Server address” : (there is no password). There is a lot of channels, but it is easy to see the “SF2X” one, or “ggpo”. Just double click on it.
There you go, see you around guys !

count me in. I’ll be the one talking shit

Only because you’ve been giving rusty trombones…OHHHHHHHHHH~!

yourmom ? yourmom!!! your mom??? !!!..!!!-----------!"#$%&/()=?¡

I’ve tried that yesterday. Seems nice when you want to spectate and comment. But it isn’t really good while playing yourself.

Is this still working?