(Thanks for the inspired title Kubebot!)
This may go down like a lead baloon, but here goes. I thought it would be cool to put some names to faces around these parts, whos with me?

This is me.

Yes that’s a stick.

Alright, here’s me and some random asian dude who kept asking for a picture.

Looking ultra suave there, Markman!

On the left

With the GF.

Who’s that guys? All those asians look the same!

Yeah, I dunno, he just kept begging me for a picture and my autograph, so I eventually obliged.

Daigo always looks like he’s sucking a boiled sweet

Doin’ work. From korean whiff punish - we got those.

HA three in one! In order: Strogg, Me, Toodles.


With glasses, a new look I’m trying?

If my hair is messy enough, I’m sure I could pull a picture of myself that I’d more or less resemble Diago. XD

Hard at work in the shop…

Gonna be SAW in the mornin’!.. I’ll get me coat…

Me and the Wife

Me at work…boring

Freaking suave. Ladies and the stick. Go MarkMan! XD