TEasy Strike Work With The New MvC3 Stick?

I just got one of the new MvC3 sticks resonantly (in addition to my old SF4 SE…oooo God TE so much better) but with Mortal Kombat coming out next month I wanna get it for PS3 if for nothing more other to play as Kratos only thing is both my sticks are for Xbox. So I’ve been looking into getting a TEasy Strike at first I thought it looked complicated but its actually seems kinda easy to install from what I’ve been reading. Anyway my question is does anyone know if the TEasy Strike works fine with the MvC3 stick? I mean it should right they are the same thing as the older TE sticks I am just asking because I read there is a small difference on the inside like two of the buttons criss cross or something…I don’t know if that is true if someone could help me out that be cool. Thanks.

All the models of Mad Catz SE and TE including the MvC 3 TE uses the same PCB inside.

The Buttons which are criss crossed in the MvC 3 TE are crosses by the wires going to the buttons, there no change made to the PCB, other than Mad Catz made the PCB more reliable with each new model TE/SE.

MvC3 PCB is functionally the same PCB used in the older sticks (Round 1, Round 2).

Nah, there are slight differences according to PCB revision as well as different ways they’ve been installed by the factory.

If you’re unlucky, you’ll find a Revision A board in your 360 MadCatz stick which are some of the worst motherboards I’ve ever seen. SMD resistors hanging off the sides with giant globs of solder. Nghhh…

TEasy Strike is incompatible with Revision A boards, and I’ve seen one of these boards crop up in a Round 2 TE (a MVC3 stick is essentially a recycled Round 2) so you need to be careful. Thankfully phreakazoid has put up a short guide on how to identify the different TE motherboards and advise you on which model of TEasy Strike to purchase (original or ‘S’).

Ok thanks for the help but it looks like I got two different answers here. I’m not good with all the tech lingo and I’m not even sure how to install such a mod from what I gather the TEasy Strike is just a quick replacement of the bored that pretty much only needs to be screwed in so the stick will work on both xbox and ps3 correct me if I’m wrong. I don’t know how this stuff works or how to tell if it will work so I came here to ask and if anyone could give me a straight answer that would be greatly appreciated.

O great even if I can get this to work the TEasy Strikes are sold out at the moment hopefully he’ll get more before MK comes out…that is if it’ll even work for me.

If you have a 360 Fightstick and you want it to also work on PS3 then you place the TEasy Strike underneath the existing motherboard, lining up the pins then punching down the USB cable wires. It is not a replacement for the 360 motherboard, but an addition.

FAQ can be found here:

Phreak Mods // TEasy Strike

All you need to do is identify which 360 motherboard you have, which will probably be the standard version. The chances of getting a Revision A board or a ‘S’ board are very slim, but it’s important to check just in case.

Isn’t Revision A boards are only found on OLDER Mad Catz TE sticks?

I found one in a Round 2 stick I was given to mod a few months back. Came as quite a nasty surprise… The chances of it happening are low, but there seem to be a few floating around probably thrown in by the factory who found a surplus stock.

And given that the MvC3 sticks are just Round 2 sticks, it’s better to be safe than Hori.

Lol like your like hori pun there. Anyway thanks for the help guys I know the TEasy Strikes are sold out ATM but I imagine they will have them ready to go again pretty soon. I’m probably gonna open up my stick today and check what motherboard it has. Phreak Mod’s website has pics to help tell the difference of the motherboards right? I’ll come back if I run into more problems thanks again.

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