Tech a focus crumple in SFIV

I’ve heard about teching a focus crumple many times, but Im not sure exactly what it is. Is it the same as quick get up? If so why is it called teching? Is it from teching a throw in HD Remix

…there’s no such thing as “teching” a focus crumple in Street Fighter IV. If you get focus crumpled then you’re screwed. I’m sure you already know how to beat out and avoid Focus Attacks so I don’t need to explain that. You can’t “tech” it though unless it’s like a new glitch / exploit I haven’t heard about yet. There’s always new combos, glitches and exploits still being randomly found in SF IV like every week.

For example what seb says here


From what I remember, Dieminion told me you can tech a focus crumple kind of in the same way you mash out of dizzy. You get up faster, and it will say “Technical” on the screen. I’m not 100% sure though.

edit - I just tested this out. If your opponent fails to hit you after a crumple, you can tech by tapping down causing you to do a quick stand. The word technical does appear on screen and it definitely makes you get up slightly faster.

It’s simply being able to quick recover off of the ground if your character actually gets to finish the whole slumping-down-to-the-floor animation after the focus crumple; whenever you do a quick recovery on wakeup, it says “Technical” on your side of the screen. Some attacks that knock down on hit will let you quick recover, some won’t… and just based on its visual appearance I guess it can seem a little counter-intuitive and thus surprising that the focus crumple would be the former and not the latter. The ability to tech a focus crumple is considered to be a little-known fact because your opponent will basically always be hitting you some more instead of leaving you to fall over in slow motion, so it’s extremely rare during normal gameplay that you would ever have the opportunity to tech the crumple itself.

There’s actually another match video–I think from a Battlefield Arcadia tournament–where someone does actually tech the crumple and Triforce, who is doing some of the commentary, explains it a little bit. I’ll try and find the link for you.

Uff, I am never going to find it.

It’s the same thing as teching off any knockdown. Just tap down when you hit the ground and you’ll stand up a bit sooner. You’ll only get the chance to do this off a focus if the other guy fucks up and doesn’t hit you though, so don’t expect this to be something you’ll be doing often.