Tech Emergency: I need a joystick! (orlando area)

Hey guys I have a bit of a crisis at hand

long story short My sanwa joystick broke for my SE fightstick

does anyone in the Orlando (or nearby areas) know anyone who sells joysticks or has an extra one they’re willing to sell???

I could always order online but, the thought of playing MVC3 at launch with a controller is just…

What’s broken?

Let’s just say superglue and balltop didn’t make a good combo…

I’ll just leave it at that

Agreed! Its highly possible you may be able to fix it rather than replacing it. tell us what’s broken/not working and if possible provide photos.

Really guys it’s not fixable at all

trust me on this…

As in, what’s not fixable. You can replace the shaft and balltop which will be much cheaper than replacing the whole stick.

The whole joystick is gone now

I don’t need parts… i just need the whole thing…

go buy a TE? I got nothin. I would offer to send you the original SE stick but i actually threw it away yesterday.

Can’t help you if your going to be vague on the issue, I am assuming you ether threw out the joystick or destroyed it. Also because of MvsC 3 most places are sold out of both Sanwa and Seimitsu sticks. I was trying to get Seimitsu for LS 32-1 for a green goblin mod, and several sites are sold out.

^------ fuckin brilliant

why don’t you just tell us what’s wrong? We might be able to tell you what you what parts you might need and maybe even save you a few bucks.

if you can salvage the buttons, turbo control, and wires, then i have a extra SE joystick and balltop. you could probably make a shoe box stick for something temporary…i live in altamonte though.

or you can try cyberton video games at the flea market, if they are still open. i think they have a few TE sticks for cheap

Cool phase ima head over to cybertron now