Tech help with HSF2 Anniversary Bootleg


Hi guys hope someone here can give some input on this. Ive recieved the above cps2 board, and it plays perfect and boots as a phoenix except for one issue. There is no voice/sfx from the player 2 side character (cpu/human), and no sounds from any character if chosen from a previous version sf2.

So Ive opened the pcb to see what type of bootleg it is, there is no 3rd part extension pcbb plugging into the board, its just eeproms that have been manually labeled with numbers. There is one hardware mod where chips 10/11 have been piggy backed together, and two wires are running down to where a small hex invertor is plugged into the board.

Afaik, chips 10/11 are sound chips, so its obvious now that by piggy backing the chips there is only limited capacity for sounds. Maybe Im wrong, Ill attach some pics so hopefully someone has seen or heard of this before and can point me in the right direction.

One thing Im thinking, in a worst case scenario, could I just but a programmer and overwrite all the chips with the necessary bins from existing phoenix images?

**Edit - seems I cant post attatchments yet, so please see this thread for my photos ***