Tech help with the Injustice Fight Stick and applying Uila S Flash LEDs on clear Seimitsus


Hey, everyone, first time attempting to make buttons be in other various LED colors based on which button(s) are pushed, like in this video:

I also stumbled upon this video, too:

However, I am at a loss as which wire connects to what from the Injustice stick to the Sparky PWM PCB and also wanted to know how to change the LED colors. As stated, I have the Uila S Flash LEDs along with clear Seimitsus. I am also wondering what the Sparkfun PCB is for as I also got that along with the Uila S Flash LEDs I bought recently. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Can you provide a photo of said PCB.

As for the wires

Uila S Flash LEDs
Black - Gnd
Red - Red LED
Green -Green LED
Blue - Blue LED
White - White LED

Injustice Qanba Joystick.
5 pin connector - Joystick wire harness. See JLF wiring schematic
2 pin connector, LED power and ground. Now I got no clue which wire is which.

The actual The Sparky PWM SMD is labeled what terminals are for what buttons (using Street Fighter Notation)


Ah my bad, forgot about the pics. I apologize for the horrible image quality but here is what it is.


I can’t tell as the thumb nails are too small


Here is the readjusted size.


Here is the readjusted size.


I think its this


Hmmm not sure how this would be used with the other things I bought. Does anybody have any experience with this specific Sparkfun?


Where did you get your order from?


Got it off of an eBay auction. Came with 16 Uila S Flash LEDs, a Sparky PWM PCB, and that Sparkfun PCB along with an A to B USB cable.