Tech Hit! Tournament Series on hiatus


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A competitve tournament series.

From Portland up to Auburn along I-5 there is no local venue within a 25 mile radius from Olympia, WA. Almost discouraging any type of competitive growth in the Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, and South Tacoma areas. For that reason we are starting this Tournament series to help stimulate professional growth. I know first hand that there are strong players in this area and they just need some direction and a stable place to level up. Come out and help support the community by blowing up some fools! And don’t forget to have fun. Please respect the rules, the venue, and us.

The Otherside Gaming center
9810 40th Ave SW
Lakewood, WA 98499

Weekend Hours:
Friday and Saturday 12am to 2 am.

Doors open at noon.
Registration begins at 2 pm ends at 5:30 pm (PST).
Tournament begins at 6 pm (PST).
Doors close at 2 am.

$5 venue fee.
$5 for each tournament entry.
The collective prize pool will be split 70/20/10 to the top 3 competitors.
*Memberships also available please contact TOS directly for membership rates or visit the corresponding srk thread.

There are 5 Xbox 360’s, 2 PS3’s, and 1 Wii. The standard console of choice will be determined by the community. Unfortunately TOS hardly has any console games in stock so it is up to the players to bring in their own games. There are TV’s and monitors available, however I can not verify the amount of input latency on the displays. If you are not comfortable with the displays you are always welcome to bring your own equipment just know that TOS is not responsible for your personal belongings.

Tech Hit T.S. will host and track results for these games:

Kings Gambit:

  1. Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 2012.
  2. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.
    3)Street Fighter x Tekken 1v1.

If there is interest for more games then they can be added at a later date. If there is not enough interest then the games will be a side tournament.



All tournaments will be double elimination. Grand Finals 3 out of 5, 2 out of 3 for all other sets.
Anyone using a programmable controller for a tournament match will be disqualified.
If there any unexpected disturbance that is caused by one of the competitors occurs a staff member will be present to mediate the issue. The victim will receive the win for that round unless agreed upon otherwise by the players.
If the incident was an act of god well then take it up with him.

No wireless controllers will be allowed on the tournament stations.


I have made a schedule for games that will be hosted.

Poverty Fights:

Concrete Classics:
ST/HDR and/or Guilty Gear

I will be making logos and flyers for these games. So they’ll be on the incoming.


Any and all feedback, comments, concerns and criticism can be made as a reply to this thread. You can also reach us at:

    I don’t have a long list of tournament credentials but I do have the drive and the resourcefulness of making this place a success for all of us in WA especially the areas listed above. I am also looking for volunteers in any and all areas. I am looking forward to a fruitful experience and some great competition from everyone.

[S]Tech Hit! Tournament Schedule[/S]


Reserved for Tournament Results.

[7 April 2012] Tech Hit! TS Presents: King’s Gambit Round 1-
*Due to some technical difficulties I only have the results for the Top 3 in each game. A list of full results will be available when the archive is found. I apologize once again.

SSF4 AE 2012:

[details=Spoiler]1st- Shredder (Abel)
2nd- Scuba Steve (Chun Li)
3rd- Arcade Elite (Ken) [/details]


[details=Spoiler]1st- Shredder (Magneto, Wolverine, Dr. Doom)
2nd- Llama (Capt. America, Frank West, Vergil)
3rd- TheFinalLine (Dr. Doom, Wolverine, Sentinel) [/details]

SFxT (1v1):

[details=Spoiler]1st- Antony Tran (Ken, Lili)
2nd- Shredder (Abel, Ryu)
3rd- Mr. Brown (Hwoarang, Steve) [/details]

[19 May 2012] Tech Hit! TS Presents: King’s Gambit Round 2-

SFxT (1v1):

[details=Spoiler]1: Shredder (Ryu, Abel)
2: Huart Sayden (Ryu, Kazuya)
3: Adanimo (Rolento, M.Bison)
4: UYG Alex
5: TheFinalLine
5: Goolookin
7: Christian
7: Scuba Steve [/details]

AE 2012:

[details=Spoiler]1: Scuba Steve (Chun Li)
2: Shredder (Sakura, Abel)
3: Goolookin (Ken)
4: The Prophet
5: Mason
5: Arcade Elite
7: UYG Alex
7: Christian [/details]


[details=Spoiler]1:Team Ryuken (Arcade Elite, The Final Line)
2: Team Army Vets (UYG Alex,)
3: Team Unknown (Goolookin, The Prophet) [/details]


[details=Spoiler]1: Shredder
2: Huey253
3: Adanimo
4: LNitrogen
5: Kioga
5: TheFinalLine
7: The Prophet [/details]

[SIZE=5][23 June 2012] Tech Hit! TS Presents: Kings Gambit Round 3- [/SIZE]

SFxT (Round Robin)-

[details=Spoiler]1: Shredder
2: Radius
3: Ar3s
4: Machine King
5: HI3I[/details]

AE 2012:

[details=Spoiler]1: Scuba Steve
2: Goolookin
3: DrooMighty
4: Vilmon
5: The Prophet
5: Shredder
7: Rising Church
7: HI3I
9: Mason
9: Machine King
9: PMJ
[SIZE=3]13: Ar3s[/details][/SIZE]


[details=Spoiler]1: Huey253
2: bitq
3: Shredder
4: Radius
5: Ar3s
5: OD253
7: TFD Loz
7: TBonne
9: Machine King
9: The Prophet
9: PMJ[/details]

[16 June 2012] Tech Hit! Tournament Series: Poverty Fights Round 1
**Mystery Game Edition: **

[details=Spoiler] 1st- Rising Church
2nd- Radius
3rd- DrooMighty[/details]

**[20 June 2012] Tech Hit! Tournament Series: Concrete Classics Round 1: **

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core:

[details=Spoiler]1st- Woki
2nd- Spark
3rd- Sytha[/details]

Super Street Fighter II HD Remix:

[details=Spoiler]1st- Rcaido
2nd- Rising Church
3rd- The Prophet [/details]



Resources head count:


Our first event here with entry fees and prize money will be at the start of April, correct?


Correct the first official tournament is April 7th. The plan is to do monthlies unless there is strong support for weekly events.


The first tournament here is going to be godlike. I can feel it


only 2v2 for SFxT?


If there is an interest in 1v1 then I can always add it to the games list. However, the reasoning behind 2v2 is that if the community doesn’t take to it then we can always revert back to the safe traditional 1v1 format. I’m not too sure if 2v2 is gonna be the standard but with the lack of a “true” team fighting game I feel 2v2 is the closest thing in that running, and then probably MK9, but that’s a different beast in itself. I personally don’t like the way team tournaments are held even though I would be more than happy to hold them if there was an outcry for one.


I honestly think we should do both. 1v1 and 2v2 play totally different from one another, but that’s a good thing. This is our first event and if you’re right about this place, we’re going to actually have the time and space to do this sort of thing. We should enjoy ourselves, and indulge in as much as we can.

Each guy is gonna throw $5 in to the SFxT tourney, right?


I’m definitely down for the 2v2 sfxt tourney. I’ll probably be entering every game though tbh


1v1 and 2v2 are both doable. I also do not oppose 1v2 but the catch would be that the 1 entry would be paying for 2 entry’s not one. If your good enough to beast on 2 opponents then you wouldn’t have to split the pot at all. Keep in mind that this is all experimental and will probably continue being experimental until something is decided by the community but how can “we” make a decision if there is no experimentation?


Being that the 2v2 is not something many (if any) of us are seriously practicing, we could also just use the 1v1 tourney as seeding, and pair off teams based on that. I don’t think you could charge for a side-tournament like that, but it might be a fun way to shake off the salt after all the 1v1 tournies.

Likely example: I finish first in the 1v1 tourney and win the whole tournament, while Kevin finishes dead last. Therefore, Kevin and I would be on the same team for the 2v2 tourney.

This could also blow up in everyone’s face and not work at all.


I don’t know man. are we sure we want people throwing matches in singles to get last place just so they can be on my team?


first saturday of the month is when portland does their tournaments. might want to pick 2nd or 3rd saturday whichever lunchbox isn’t doing.


So the vibe I’m getting is that people don’t want 2v2 to replace 1v1 without experimentation first. That’s kind of a shame because Marvel and AE are both 1v1 games. If I hold both 2v2 and 1v1 it’ll potentially split the amount of participants in either event.


Well that’s true but Sakura-Con is also that weekend and I doubt Portland will drive up for Tech Hit on its opening night. I would like to be proven wrong though, but for subsequent tournaments I may move it to the second weekend, we’ll see.


For anyone and everyone that has time. I started a poll on to get a rough estimate on this topic. I appreciate any and all responses.


If you’re just running tournaments for money, I would say definitely don’t do that. We’ll be split enough as it is. Just pick a single format and go with it imo. It’s not going to do us much good to be overly ambitious with the first event.


I agree and that is why I have chosen 2v2 however taking this census should provide useful information to see the general opinion on this subject.


No, no, no. People would be throwing their matches so they could be paired with me, Olympia’s one and only Tournament Player™.

Who is retired.