Tech in the standing position?


How do people tech in the standing position?

Aren’t grabs too fast to hit it when you see the grab?

I know about option select and stuff but teching in the standing position seems impossible for 2 people who can’t grab string like me yet I’ve seen it happen.



You predict the throw.

Instead of simply reacting to it, learn to read your opponent and when they’re going for throws so that you can tech when they do.


Besides what Dev said,

When you attack, you can also put a tech behind it also. I use Ryu, if I want to walk up and crouch medium punch somebody, I’ll do it with the throw buttons. If the get to throw me first I tech it. It’s not perfect, but every little bit helps throughout the match.

Also, when in throw range or close to it, you should always have the idea to either throw or beat a throw as throws are typically faster than normals to begin with anyway. (I know that sentence is wrong, I’m too tired…)