Tech Issue (SF4 PC) - Slowdown


Im not sure why but sometimes when I start SF4 on my PC it simply runs waaaay too slower than normal. Usually I run it on full without any problem (my pc specs are pretty nice for SF4), and whenever this issue happens, I have to reboot my machine and try to run SF4 again over and over until it eventually starts correctly.

Anyone knows why is that or have any info about how to solve this problem?


I’ve gotten this kinda, but I think it has more to do with most of the people playing SF4 PC online now are like from foreign countries and do not own consoles so they’re playing with really crappy latency.


Not related to latency at all.

As I said, the GAME itself starts slow. I dont even need to go to the fights; the initial CAPCOM and other logos from the starting screen come up and fade out in a really slow pace, even by pressing start they’ll take long to switch. It’s a program thing.

Still looking for help on the topic.


If this happens, open your taskmanager and look for any process, that is “stealing” you memory or CPU power. I guess it’s not SF4 specific.
Drivers are up-to-date.
Could be a gpu memory or virtual memory issue.
Even a heat issue could be possible.
PC specs?

Take a look at this. Maybe there is another hint that helps:


The reason why the slowdown happens(when playing online) has to do with your opponents hardware. If your opponent does not have the hardware to run the game at 60 fps at all times, the game is slowed down so there are no frame skipping involved. But to be honest i can see people play the game with highest graphical setting possible, even though they dont even get the full framerate to play the game at reasonable speeds. So if you can play the game in arcade mode or vs cpu on a stage with the most meshes at full speed, then its most likely because you came accross a player that doesn`t have the hardware to play at permanent speeds of 60 fps. A reminder to all those with older hardware. Please make everyones lives easier and just lower your settings when playing online. Many players would most definetly appreciate it. So to speak play fair.


Probably the same problem that i sometimes have. Street fighter uses ± 50% of my cpu but sometimes when i start the game and is very slow if i go see the process in the taskmanager street fighter is using 99% of the cpu. Solution is to restart the game to became normal .