officially finally.
Tech Romancer tournament is definietly on as of this Friday.
Registration starts at 5.
Tournament starts at 7.
$10 entry fee
the machine will be on FREE PLAY

rules TBA.

hope to get a somewhat ok turnout.
need at least 10 ppl to run the tournament
G.Kaiser & Dixen FTW

Please take video!

…what is this world coming to?



we figured it’s never been done before.
besides i wanna see who can actually win this haha

Hey, I’ve been playing this game every lunch time at work with my buddy, and u really can’t find any info other than basic movelist FAQs. Obviously I cant come to your tourney, but I’d love to see match videos.

Does anyone know where I can find a thread for this game, info on tiers and combos, etc? Cos other than that old ‘SF the movie broke my heart’ thread, which deals more with the development of the game, I can’t find nothing. Thanks.

I like the game btw, and the damage scaling is brutal so the broke ass juggles are ok imo. From what I can tell, Bison, Sagat and Guile are strongest, but I am still very much new to the game.

Yes, please take videos

I am godlike in Tech Romancer. I beat the Diety 4-0.

ok at the request of people I will be taking videos ( lol wow )
if we get enough entrants though I’m hoping
we need at least 10 people to run this tourney

i have a feeling the tech-romancer one will do better than this one BUT i’m not giving up hope for this one yet. i’m gonna spread the word around

also apparently according to the machine’s character counter, the top 3 picked are Vega, Guile, and Ryu… but I think that’s because those are the three that the regulars at the pool hall mainly use…except my friend Scotty who has a pretty beastly Balrog ( lol he looks like Danny Glover ).

But I will be taking videos since alot of people are requesting it. haha.

Well Vega IS the greatest cage fighter since Iron Fist.

G.Kaiser & Dixen FTW

BUMPING thread because its this upcoming friday ^^

i’m seeing a lack of repsones which doesn’t bode well for tomorrow :frowning:

Tech Romancer

Where is Milltown Pool Hall?

I’m from North Jersey and play TR on the DC.

Can someone give me a break down of the tiers of the game?

This may just be the most exciting news in the tourny thread yet