Tech Talk Calendar: The Year of the Arcade Stick!

Basically, over the past little while, VOLTECH dropped a bit about starting a calendar, and Montoia and I have been throwing around some ideas

So, to satisfy 12 months of content, we got together a list, and a type of model to match it up with


Another idea I threw in would be to mark the dates of all major tourneys (Evo, ReveLAtions, NorCal/SoCal Regionals, Season’s Beatings, Final Round, etc.)
So, with this in mind, there are three major components needed:

  1. Models with sets
  2. Sticks/joystick and wire pr0n and even uncompleted cases
  3. Photographers
    I think we can pretty much cover the second aspect (with your lovely work offered to us, of course!), and maybe a few of us might even have a DSLR that we’re handy with. Models are a bit more difficult, but I think our main concern is going to be trying not to spend too much making it look good. I’m sure most builders would love to volunteer a stick or two, or even something in progress for our sake, but still, 12 different shoots is a tall amount. Thankfully we have a few months to get it all together.
    For now, I’m just going to put this as a “If you know someone and/or you want to volunteer a stick/uncompleted case, sign up here” thread going. There seems to be a lot of interest in getting this going, and if we can get enough people in on it, it’d make a cool community calendar.


a few playboy models work with me…

Ditch the chicks, keep the sticks.

I hope I see some jdm heart wiring in this.

Looks like someone would rather see some “8-buttons” than chicks.

^^ Skip the 8 buttons. If I see any any 8-button sticks, I will (consider) not buying this calendar. So all featured sticks, please 6 button only!

i approve this venture…not that it needs my approval…but i like to feel important. lol. how about 7 button? i’ve always been curious about 7 buttons…

I will go for VOLTECH’s 7 button.

And TheRealNeoGeo’s 7-button, too

ya, the 7th button is like a secret rocket pack, only for emergencies…

Those are 6 button. Totally 6 button with a silly 7th button hole plugged. 7 buttons? That’s just silly :smiley:

8 is dick 6 is cool. 7 with a plug?

I like the Calender idea, I’d buy one! I’d be willing to donate my time working on this project as well.

I rather see chicks, but this is a Stick calendar, maybe chicks showing off sticks?

Oh come on, there are quite a few good 8 button sticks out there. No need to take the “6 buttons are cool 8 is dick” saying to become some manifesto.
Any ways no one forcing you to buy this calendar. Saying no to 8 buttons is ignoring a part of what we and our sub-culture are.
Its like having a swimsuit calendar but say no Asian or Latino girls, it isn’t right.

@ Nerrage. I like this idea, I am not sure what I can contribute, but I help all the same.

I’d liken it to more the difference between one piece and bikini bathing suits myself… And say, no asian or latina chicks to excluding certain stick builders :slight_smile:

This is the idea of it. But as a process, too. Having one involved with each stage of it.

It’s a shame we can’t have two - one arty as Nerrage suggests and one in more of a sports illustrated way :wink:

Isn’t there a rather large thread just like that here on SRK? I vaguely recall a big thread with instructions something along the lines of post white girls only, no minorities. Not endorsing that in any way shape or form (rather disappointed by the lack of tolerance actually), but just pointing out the community doesn’t seem to have much problem with it heh.


If i’m not mistaken, they have separate threads for the different kinds of lovin’…

Now, not for anything, but if you’re going to have girls in the Calendar, T&A must come first, and product 2nd, as is the code of Calendars showcasing product. The Russians do it right… like this calendar for Anti-Freeze
link removed


Taking that down to be on the safe side.