Tech Talk Calendar: The Year of the Arcade Stick!

I thought this calendar was going to be ONLY Asian and Latina girls…sigh… lol…

I doubled checked, you’re right, they do. But the generic “Hot Girl” thread specifies Caucasian only, mildly offensive, which is probably why the other threads exist. If that thread was titled “Hot white girls” I wouldn’t have noticed.

My original idea was to have Cosplay girls pose with some of my sticks (I was planning on going to the Anime convention and or possibly Comic Con but that fell through) The idea then turned to hired models and make a calendar with either suicide type girls or some hot import models because some of my latest stick designs where inspired by guitars and sport cars. We’ve all seen the hot girl posing with a guitar or draped over the hood of a car so I figured it was time for chicks with sticks :wink: The name might not be the best but you have to admit it’s catchy lol

Anyway I like what Montoia did because it really of goes along with what I was thinking. Sexy but not over the top, just something fun and interesting to look at that features 2 of my favorite things girls and arcade sticks “Chicks with Sticks” =D

I’d love for this to become a community effort because I just don’t have the time or resources to follow through with it right now on my own. But I would like to have some sort of executive power ie I wanna see the pics!!! and be able to approve\disapprove before the final print, plus some sort of credit and compensation if there is any money made :wink:

I hope that doesn’t sound to pushy but it was my idea. PM me and we can talk it over, I promise to be fair and reasonable =P

Thank you sir! Forget sometimes this site is PG-13 :slight_smile:

I know I had a tough time getting support for customs for my exhibit, but I wasn’t very well known at the time (Still a minor player) but I think this venture, like the Sticks for Joy foundation, would get good support.

Your best bet, even though its short notice, would be to set something up during EVO to get the most customs in place at one time. and I’m sure you’ll find a willing model or two in Vegas :slight_smile:

You probably won’t like my latest project…

Great idea! This would be a good place to start. Set up a photo booth with a green screen and then maybe Photoshop in some exotic locations? We need somebody with some cool props or costumes. I wonder if we could get permission to setup a tent for some privacy while we take the photos? I bet if we have the girls dress up in cute\sexy cosplay we could get a good response. If I recall last year several girls were dressed for the part. Maybe we could even get some of the girls from the cosplay community to come together for this? Hmmmm?

If a green screen is involved, there should definitely be a blue screen on backup in case one of the models is wearing green.

I wonder if NOS are going to be at EVO, as they have been at a few of the states tourney’s recently…

The Timstuff layout is the only reason anyone would need 8 buttons. It’s clever instead of excessive. For the record I only like 6 buttons and latinas. White chicks are 8 button.

Are we for copyright reasons sticking to Customs that have no copyrighted characters?

fat chicks

Thank you for dedicating a picture to me.