Tech Talk Changed My Life


However, now you have one less! Buh Bye!


any way all the Content can be archived? so much valuable information


Same, Tech talk walked me through my first stick mod, and there was no point in looking back after that. Fuck no. Not today, thank you, kindly.

I’ll miss the threads, and even though I didn’t post much, I always felt like sticking around because of all the coolness and knowledge here.

Who knows what’s coming next, but I hope to see all of you marvelous SOB’s on the other side.



I learned so much from this section. My girlfriend watches me tear down sticks and superguns and PCBs and is just amazed at how much I know about getting it done. I wouldn’t have done this without the drive to learn all of the ins and outs of stick building and modding.

This section is best section.


Tears roll down bothers and sisters, I’ve spent more time scrolling through this forum than I can possibly count, so much information it’ll be a shame to lose it.

I made a mod just last week as a matter of fact:

Nothing special, but I was surprised that the forums were closing after spending a lot of time here just the other day.



Here here everyone. This place has been a pleasure to lurk and occasionally be apart of. Tech talk and the Trading Outlet got me into crafting sticks and pushed me to gain more knowledge. If not for all of the innovations that have developed in these forums I don’t know where our community would be. It wasn’t so long ago that if you were gonna make a stick you had to pad hack, solder, invert pots, install SOCD cleaners and more. Toodles (Marcus Post), Akishop, Brook, all of the modders in tech talk including Gummo and DaRabidDuckie and many more I definitely missed elevated us. All of the cool box builders like Foehammer, B15, finkle, Nitewalker, arthong, Jasen and waaaay more kept the craft fresh and inspired more people to make their own boxes whether it be out of a cereal box, a Santa Doll, a 360 or something else.

I greatly appreciate the knowledge amassed on this board and all the people that helped it get there whether it was an old head telling an 09er where all the info was at or someone new just showing off their new stick for the first time. The hobby is for the love of the game but it grew larger than the game for many of us. Talking for days and days on end which Cherry switches were best, how hard the rubber should be on a Fanta, comparing every new model of Seimitsu and Sanwa that came out, or seeing new innovations that ambitious members of the community put together like the Link was genuinely fun.

I don’t know all of you, but I appreciate all of you. Thank you so much for building something so worth while and lovely. You really enriched my life with good times.


Maybe I wasn’t visiting regularly, but I was just coming back to it. Finally figured out how to make a nice round box without having to buy an expensive router and wanted to make a stick again.

I am a bit sad that this is going away right when I was getting back to it. But at least I was there when it ended.


SRK-TT is the reason I’m broke.

Thanks for making me buy all those sticks! :360:


This place was a fantastic middle ground. Lots of console to arcade crossover here that you do not see much of in other forums like KLOV. Those muhfuckas are too busy tryna rebuild Simpsons arcade cabs. Huge disconnect between demographics over there. I really do hope SRK/Tech talk can survive elsewhere.


Thank you so much for all of everyone’s help when I was having problems with my HitBox.

Tech Talk definitely needs to be either archived or moved to continue, the information here is gold


I wouldn’t have learned about Arcade sticks without Tech Talk. It was after assimilating some knowledge here that I ordered my HRAP2, which was my first Arcade controller, from Amazon in December 2007 - it arrived in January. I was 100% a pad player before then. My life since then would’ve been quite different without it (e.g., I imagine I wouldn’t have attended SF4 tournaments and met people). Today I can’t even use pads very well. :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t lose Tech Talk , what seemed like I was going through a mid life crisis Tech Talk saved me and kept me solid when I discovered it. I don’t think I’ll have such a crutch in life as big as Tech Talk helping me stay a float in this vile & disgusting planet. I’m really getting depressed over this


I was unaware how awesome Tech Talk is, really, so much great info, good members, easy going. I can’t thank you folks enough for the last couple of months, it has been a great but sadly short ride.

When I started building sticks, it was out of necessity, what was commercially available wasn’t very good, later on options like MAS and Supernova were way too expensive for what they were. It was places like BYOAC and later here that helped me get started, a bunch of people just gathering wood working technics (mind you most of us weren’t too familiar with wood work, some of us were school grade at best) from each other and learning better ways to make an art form if you will out of it. I didn’t build as many sticks as some of the regulars and I drifted off once I was happy with I accomplished, specially years later when good arcade sticks became more viable, so I pretty much stopped.

I did mod some sticks for personal use, nothing too crazy, but later on my interest in modding sticks sparked a bit more after doing some work on a couple sticks, browsing around seeing what people were up to these days. During my quest for Menu/Function mini buttons I ended up back in here, specifically HibachiFinal’s DDP stick. I had the same though, it was perfect, funny enough a few days later thanks to a friend here, I had the opportunity to get the stick from HibachiFinal, I could have done the mod myself of course but his mod was so well done, I couldn’t pass on the opportunity, great price to, so I’ll always be eternally grateful for that.

Making art for sticks has always been a fun thing for me. I used to repro a lot of arcade CPs, specially MVS, so I figured why not use that knowledge and make something out of it with sticks. Folks here are very helpful with guidance, and you always need that extra set of eyes after staring at something for so long. Just when I was getting comfortable and found a sense of community here things go south, it is unfortunate but hopefully we can still connect elsewhere and keep going.

One of the few first sticks I made, everytime I made one I kept getting better and every time I made one I kept an eye on what technics were being used. This place was the epicenter of great builders. Birdo comes to mind the most in those times, I know his technic has been trampled tenfold overtime but during those days he was inspirational to say the least.

lol, I remember when recessing plexi was an eye opener, I’d like to say I thought of that first because I did it on my own without anyone’s idea but then other people had the same thought. I come from the times when you’d see more often than not sticks build in speaker boxes, shoeboxes and tupperware. Wood working was far and between. Good times!

Just a few pics to show what I’ve learned during those times, those are old pics, I haven’t built a stick in a very long time. I know it isn’t revolutionary by any means but it was thanks in part to this place and for that I’ll be always grateful.

Last stick I ever built…kinda NSFW, lol.



@MarkMan If it weren’t for the MadCatz TE Round 1, I would have never found SRK and all the knowledge it has brought me. Thank you for introducing me to such an amazing community. Hopefully we can re-incarnate the Tech Talk forum in some other avenue once SRK shuts down. You all will be missed, but don’t forget SRK and the Tech Talk forum would be nothing without all of you.


Tech Talk was the reason I failed one semester of chemistry about 9 years ago. I soon turned a one time gig into a hobby that I feel actually surpassed my gaming abilities. It gave me a place in this community and a place in my local FGC, whenever someone needs a quick fix or a multi console mod.

Keep the dream alive and those soldering irons hot!




I’m so relieved that all this info won’t be lost now!



I love coming here for info


That is great news!