Tech Talk Chat + Support - #SRKTT @ EFNET

Ever wanted to know what converter or stick to choose to level up your SF game? Ever wanted to help out someone or provide new tech knowledge? Well STFU here’s your chance join this channel and idle like a cool dude.

#SRKTT @ Efnet.
To access SRKTT @ Efnet you will need a IRC client, either X-chat Mirc will suffice however,
Mibbit is a very nifty little IRC web browser client that is fast, very easy to use and will suffice.
all you will have to do is select EFNET from the dropdown menu and #SRKTT, ask all your questions here in the channel instead of creating new threads for it!**

Here is a tutorial (very simple) to get on SRKTT for your help

SRKTT Tutorial


Don’t be a **NGUB, **ask for HELP today

EDITED: This channel was brought to you by FMJaguar.

ohh thanks!! LIVE tech support :smiley:

Hey guys when I’m not too busy I’ll sit in in there and you can come in and ask me questions and stuff! NP!

Thanks for answering my question :smiley:

No problemo dude!

Updated first post, we need more people! Added a free webchat client to first post.

Tutorial on getting onto SRKTT - Free Live Tech Support!!!

1. Go to

2. Click “Start Chatting Now”

**3. Click SERVER

4. Put into server “” and in channel put “#srktt

5. Click Go

**6. Welcome to SRKTT !! **

More sticky goodness!

If anyone is looking for a simple Windows IRC client for this then I’ll put in a plug for Bersirc. It’s a nice little free client that can blink the taskbar when something is said in the channel.

That’s pretty slick that there’s a Flash IRC client now. Back in the day we used clunky Java applets.

Oh wow Kyle thanks, I think I’ll use this in school!

For the firefox users there is always chatzilla too

Yeah, ChatZilla is good option as well for Firefox users.

My biggest problem with IRC is that most of the time the room is dead. I need a notification when people are talking otherwise I obsessively check it only to see that nothing is happening.

XChat (mentioned above) is also probably fine. I’ve used it on Linux. It’s shareware on Windows though like mIRC.

I could not seem to get ChatZilla to work. I gave up and loaded up Mibbit lol

Mac users can use Colloquy! Thats what I use.

Always nice to have another chan to idle in on efnet. I’ll be around to help out.

nm – saw the channel – for sticks

I’m not really sure if this is the thread I should be posting this in but…I just got my arcade stick in the mail today, and I started using it.

Its a 8 button lay out and my question is how should I change the button configuration for Ryu, Balrog, and Chun lee. The defaults they have are just crazy in my opinion. If this is the wrong place to post this just let me know and i’ll re direct my question else where.

Would really appreciate it thought.

mIRC flashes and/or beeps when someones talks. :slight_smile:

imageshack so does Xchat.

You can make it beep whenever. Mine only beeps when someone says my name (highlight)