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Question: Can anyone explain in English how to use port forward settings for a linksys wrt54g2 router?

Well, first of all you need to know the port numbers and your gaming device’s local ip address. I have no idea what the SF4 ports are, and they may actually be different depending on platform (pc, xbox, ps3). The local ip address of your device would be something like 192.168.x.x. As for how to setup your router for it, you need to log into it via a web browser to whatever it’s local address is, usually, but you can find out on a PC by going to a command prompt, running ipconfig, and seeing what the “default gateway” is. Once you are in the admin website for your router there’s usually some port forwarding tab you can go to and it’s fairly straight forward or at least has a help system.

So it looks like the port you want to open is 1626

An ip (network) address is “static” when it doesn’t change. Generally your local network devices (such as your ps3) won’t be getting different addresses from your router, so that shouldn’t be a problem, but you still need to find out what that address is. I can only hope that your PS3 has somewhere in the setup of network config or whatever where it tells you the address it currently has.

Okay, so I figured it out after a few tries using the site portforward as a guide. It seems to have helped a bit.

I set a static address just in case my router decided to reassign an address. Now I don’t need to worry about that at all.

I’m thinking about doing a Gouken guide… still on the fence.

Whats keeping you from demon flipping off the fence?


There are a few already out there, Black Toof has a really good one.

I want to cover things that haven’t been covered yet, and focus more on match up detail and a how to find all of the grey area stuff.

matchup detail would be awesome

Since I moved, my Xbox is in a different room from my computer, and I was trying to avoid buying a LOOOOOONG component cable and just get a wireless transmitter instead. Thus, all the vids I’ve been posting have been from my iPhone…

Cables seem to be the less expensive route, unless I get a MacBook (which really would make the most sense, but I’m not dropping $700 plus just do Gouken vids).

To be honest, I don’t want to show some stuff, then see the nerf hammer come when they update… that’s my biggest fear. If they nerf his Flip anymore, I think I’d lose it.

To update my experience with the wireless ports, I’m finding a more “honest” sample of connections through PSN now. I find most connections are yellow or green and they usually stay that way. They also “feel” yellow or green during play. I don’t bother with orange and if I run onto someone with it, it’s nearly unbearable for me to the point where I just jump around and do stupid shit. However, there is still lag with most matches, even some green connections so yeah…port forwarding is an improvement but not a cure.

I need some cheap 50 foot component cables, any ideas?


Why not just get Super street Fighter IV AE2012 on the PC then use Fraps?

It is on sale now, even. $9.99

And Fraps is here.

Great idea… but I got a MAC. There is a program call CrossOver on the MAC that let’s you use PC software and apps… maybe that will work.

Using the Hauppauge pvr2 currently and for the most part it makes sense but I get a buzzing sound out of the right channel (PS3-I think it’s just a bad connector) and all the videos look kind of washed out.  I also watched them on youtube in HD and they are hella slow and choppy…they only seem to run well at 360.  I can watch vids from other people at higher res just fine, watching one at 1080p right now, so I must be missing something.  Any tips would be great!<br>