Tech Talk, I need your advice

Should I buy this Astro Cab?

I was probably going to try and haggle down the price a bit. I only know a little bit about arcade machines so I am not too sure if it would be worth it for what I am going to need to buy for it. If it’s worth the money I do think it would be a great way to learn about cabinets and all their parts/components as I fix it up.


It’s not bad for a fix er upper. If i were still in the market for one of those I’d pick it up ASAP!.

Thanks, would the appropriate monitor for the cabinet be hard to come by?

yes, they are really hard to find. I still am in the market for one, for the one I am currently still restoring. Kinda stopped due to the weather and lack of motivation from the screen being so hard to find.

In that case, I think I may wait until I can find something that costs more but is in better condition. Mainly because of the monitor.

That is actually a really good price. If you can jump on it then go for it. Buying a cab that looks that good in the body with a perfect monitor will run you three times as much.

For $200 I would get it just for the control panel. :razz:

200$! Hell yeah you should buy it!