Tech Talk Needs New Threads Contest


We need a new Tech Talk shirt. Here is our last one. It is pretty swell if I say so myself.

The shirt will be professionally silk screened. As such it needs to be limited to a few colors total. The fewer the colors, the cheaper the shirt will cost, the more likely people actually bite.

It needs to have mass appeal. Capture the essence of Tech Talk. Inside jokes are fine.

I liked where the Sticks for Joy shirt was going (both in design) and color.

The winner will get a free shirt of their design and potentially other goodies at my discretion.


I would buy one for sure


Can we have a re-run of the original shirts too?


I second a re-run of the original shirt too. Mine’s all kinds of messed up.


I believe the minimum order is 20. We would need to hit that for a reprint of the original.

Also - I sell these at cost for fun. No profit is involved.


Im in for the OG



^ That shirt communicates The Truth.


Whatever the New Design is, I hope there’s more emphasis on Tech Talk than SRK…


I laughed… so hard.

New rule. I will only do OG if we have a new shirt. If someone wants to donate their time toward and OG run I have the source file.


I would actually buy 2 of the OG again. I gave one to ed last year and my current one got messed up by my laundry machine. :frowning:


Was there a Polo version done before? or just T-shirt?


Guaranteed I will buy a minimum of 2 of the OG shirts.

The 8 button dick shirt is amazing and I’d totally be in for 1 but it sucks I’d be limited in where I can wear it since I try to be politically correct in public. :-/

Perhaps we should have Gummo do a design for a tshirt in MSpaint?

Also - Please have the shirt be black


I love the dick shirt but I couldn’t wear it either now that I am a “professional.” I see too many people out in public that are relevant to my job.

Friend of dick shirt:


I know it may seem plain, but I nominate to only use black and white for colors. Not only is it cheaper on the printing process, but it works with everything.
All I own from hats to shoes is red/white/black clothing, although that’s no one else’s fault but my own but I really want to be able to rock the shirt(s) all the time.

I have good intentions at least. :stuck_out_tongue:

The “cooler.” shirt with the SRKTechTalk logo on it and the buttons and sticks set out similar to how Broken Tier did his recently EXAMPLE would look bomb and I’d be in for at least 2.


I am in for the OG, in Blue. And i agree, as much as i like the 8 button shirt having a kid means i have to set an example. Kyle, looks like a good start.


It’s all good. I’ll do black by default. I hate white shirts. I’ll probably revise it another 20 times before I’m happy. It needs a little more pizazz.


I love 8 button and I really don’t know why all this hate.
(please, kill me nicely).


^ Don’t say that here. Some people will want to cut off your 8 button.


Okay, got the original TTT font (Neuropol) and am more or less happy with this.