Tech Talk Rules + Rom/Emulation Talk (Updated 7/26/2009)

SEARCH BEFORE POSTING. It is extremely likely that your question has already been answered. Visit Google and type this in (replacing square gate with your search term): square gate

Respect intellectual properly. Do not provide links to roms, pirated material, game data, cracks, etc. If you’re hesitant to post it then don’t. It’s not worth a ban.

Tech Talk is not the appropriate forum for selling. Visit the Trading Outlet if you are eligible to sell. Misguided threads will be moved and/or locked.

Please downvote spam and stupid threads. This will get them locked much quicker.

Do not quote images. Remove the IMG tags from your reply or just leave the URL.

Technique questions do not belong here. If you can’t pull off a move then practice it until you can.

Tech Talk is not Image Mismatch. This is not the appropriate section to request art.

Read It will make you less dumb.

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Sweet MarkMan is a mod now

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