Tech Talk Secret Santa 2015


Hello Tech Talk.
It is that time of year again!

Here is last year’s.

Here are this year’s rules:
[]Member must be 2014 or earlier Join Date.
]$20 minimum without shipping.
[]Gift Cards are not allowed, unless your Recipient requests.
]Along with the $20 minimum gift(s), you must include a handmade card and something unexpected.
[]You must have the package shipped and trackable by December 10, 2015.
]Instant Ban if you do not send a gift.
[]You must be 2014 or older.
]If you are 2015, you need to have at least 50 Posts in Tech Talk.
[]If you are 2015 without 50 Posts, then you need someone to vouch.
]If you vouch for someone, you are also responsible if your vouchee does bad.
[]You will ship the package to your Recipient by December 10, 2015.
]When you ship, you must e-mail to me a picture of the package or receipt.
[]If you are in the US I will pair you with US, Canada to Canada, UK to UK, etc.
]If you are willing to ship Internationally please indicate it during signup.
[]Post a picture of your SRK Handle on paper; be creative.
]With the picture, post the following information:

SRK Handle
Join Date
Ship International
Three Liked Item

[]Signup ends on November 10, 2015.
]When signups are done, I will randomize a list.
[]Participants will only know who they are shipping to.
]Participants will not know who they will be receiving from.
The liked items is to let your Santa know about you.
To know what to maybe get you.

Have fun!


2015 Participants

Jasen Hicks

Tech talk secret santa 2016

Ill come back and post my entrance. Im ready for this year again :slight_smile:


As soon as I secure my next work contract I’ll be sure to enter :smiley: Last year was a blast and this year should be better!


I need to think of something cool as a photo


Doesn’t this usually get stickied or nah?


Felt the winds of winter and came rushing back to the forums for this :stuck_out_tongue:
Here for another round of TTSS if you guys will have me back!
Won’t try to be cute and put someone’s forum-tag as their name this time I PROMISE!


Join date: Back in the gap.
Ship international: No
Likes: PS2, Seimitsu, Candy (cabs/sweets) :smiley:


Ok lets gooooo! (Already started buying the wee stuff :p)

Name: MBTW
Join date: Post-09er casual
Ship international: Yep - Living in the UK
[] AM2 (Sorry Hibachi, stealing that one)
] ALL Kung Fu/Chop-Socky movies (try me)
[*] Kotobukiya/Gundam-style model kits


Bleh, I posted last year on October 7th 2014 saying that I’d hope to join in this year:

Sadly, I signed for a new house like a week later. And I’m finally getting this new house in a few days. So no go for me this year again.
Have fun guys; my TTSS dreams will have to live vicariously through the rest of you! :slight_smile:


2014 join date I think
Not up for shipping internationally right now, sorry. :frowning:
I really like insects, robots, and witches.

If you really want to get stalkerish I have like 20,000 posts on Something Awful you can look through.


Three signed up. :slight_smile:
Four weeks left to join.


Okay and here I am a year later posting. I said that this year I would do international…

so you bet I will come through with that promise

SRK Handle: Yenjoi
Join Date: March 15, 2015
Ship International: you betcha
Three Liked Items:

  1. Comics I can’t stress that enough… cough spider-man…cough…
  2. dremel I mod so much and it is getting harder to not use a dremel lol
  3. something locally from your hometown. I love stuff from other places to put on my desk at work


Hey. Hey, hey, hey. Y’all better be getting in on this @FrankCastleAZ, @armi0024, @“Jasen Hicks”, @Gummo, @Phreakazoid.

Anybody who see’s this, tag some peeps that usually participate. They may not be aware it has started.


I’m in. I’ll get the proper posting after SCR. Busy busy busy right now getting ready…


Since first Tech Talk Secret Santa, there been gift of Dremel.
Every year since.
I think.



I’m in, but I’ve gotta do a pic and I’ve been super busy lately.


I am most likely going to skip out this year, money is getting a little tight at the moment.


SRK Handle: deserada
Join Date: 2 July 2014
International Shipping: Perhaps another time!
Items of interest: labours of love (read: anything you have invested yourself in and brought to fruition), gunslinger girl (manga), old mechanical switches/buttons/transducers