Tech talk secret santa 2016


Better late then never. Here is our Annual Secret Santa Thread

Here is a link to last years thread for reference

We are starting late this year so I going to have to accelerate the time tables.

Now to Steal from Jame’s old post with some edits for this year (as I am also lazy).

Here are this year’s rules:
[]Member must be 2015 or earlier Join Date.
]$20 minimum without shipping.
[]Gift Cards are not allowed, unless your Recipient requests.
]Along with the $20 minimum gift(s), you must include a handmade card and something unexpected.
[]You must have the package shipped and trackable by December 15, 2016 (You have to PM me the Tracking Number).
]Instant Ban if you do not send a gift.
[]You must be 2015 or older.
]If you are 2016, you need to have at least 50 Posts in Tech Talk.
[]If you are 2016 without 50 Posts, then you need someone to vouch.
]If you vouch for someone, you are also responsible if your vouchee does bad.
[]You will ship the package to your Recipient by December 15, 2016.
]When you ship, you must e-mail to me a picture of the package or receipt.
[]If you are in the US I will pair you with US, Canada to Canada, UK to UK, etc.
]If you are willing to ship Internationally please indicate it during signup.
[]Post a picture of your SRK Handle on paper; be creative.
]With the picture, post the following information:

SRK Handle
Join Date
Ship International
Three Liked Item

[]Signup ends on November 25, 2016.
]When signups are done, I will randomize a list.
[]Participants will only know who they are shipping to.
]Participants will not know who they will be receiving from.
The liked items is to let your Santa know about you.
To know what to maybe get you.

Have fun!


2016 Participants

[] Feargus001100
] RoyalFlushTZ
[] TheBlackHombre
] Yenjoi
[] hibachifinal
[] jonyfraze
[] armi0024
] Dark Sakul
[] dela04
] spenzallii
[*] Gummo

Emails will be going out today.

Secret Santa 2017 - Sign Up Oct 1 to Nov 10

I’m in, so much fun last year!

SRK Handle: @feargus001100
Joined on May 12th, 2014
Yes International Shipping ( I haven’t done it before, but I’m sure the folks at the Post Office will help me figure it out. )

Three Likes:

[]PlayStation 1 2D games (yes such things exist)
]Niche video game magazines (old ones like Diehard Gamefan or new ones like Shooting Gameside & RETRO Videogame Magazine)
[*]Thick shaft #NoHomo levers (Sanwa JLW-UM-8’s or Seimitsu LS-32’s)[/list]


SRK Handle: RoyalFlushTZ
Join Date: December 28, 2008
International Shipping?: Sorry, not this year
Three Liked Items:

  1. Anime DVD/Blu-Ray with Good English Dubs (Cromartie High School, Cowboy Bebop)
  2. Character Figures (Squid Girl, X-Men’s Gambit, Tekken’s Jin Kazama, Rurouni Kenshin)
  3. Something I might find surprisingly useful. Surprise me!


Awesome, glad you are both on board.


I’m in! I always wanted to participate in a Secret Santa on here.

SRK Handle: TheBlackHombre
Join Date: Aug 2, 2011
Ship International: No, please
Three Liked Item: 
     -Anything related to Sakura (Street Fighter)
     -Anything related to modding arcade sticks
     -Lewd anime wall scroll(s) :)


I have been waiting for this post!

Did not think it was going to happen but I am glad I was wrong. This will be the 3rd time in a row that I will do this. Could not have it any other way. Last year I decided to be part of the international shipping but, the person I got was actually in the U.S. So, I will gladly sign up again this year for international shipping.

Just in case you cannot read my terrible handwriting

  • Spider-Man comics or really anything Spider-Man related.
  • Souvenirs (to clarify souvenirs from where you are located, I like to have these on my work desk)
  • A cool mod to work on for sticks :slight_smile:



Join Date: July 11,2014 (Look at your profile page it even says the time!)
Ship International: Not this year
Three Liked Item:

Anything SHMUP related.
A Fanta Joystick
Something unique from where you're from


TOOLS (for mods and case making)

1st time participating guys! #hype!


So TT since April 2012

US shipping only


  1. Buttons
  2. Fidget toys
  3. Gummies


Hot Glue Signature is awesome.

So Random Buttons, some office distractions and a 5lb bag of gummies got it.


Damn it I’m in I will post something later.
I will ship anywhere except to Georgia, I don’t like Georgia, I keep asking Ebay if I can make that part of my shipping profile but they repeatedly say it’s ok to not be able to ship flat rate to Hawaii, but I can not discriminate against Georgia.

On TT, long enough but quiet lately


  1. being surprised, seriously I have a 7 year old and a wife, between the three of us just about everything is interesting!
  2. Classics, fighting and otherwise
  3. I don’t need new parts :slight_smile: lol


I should ask this before, but I am assuming everyone who said no to shipping Internationally is located in the US?


Count me in too, I want to be in on the fun as well.

SRK Handle: Dark Sakul
Join Date: Nov 15, 2010
Ship International: Only if necessary (Located in the US)
Three Liked Item:

  1. Star Wars related stuff
  2. Magic the gathering stuffs
  3. Retro game stuff (NES, Famicom, SNES, Genesis, PC Engine ect) No NES Mini.

Gift Cards are a-okay.

Secret Santa 2017 - Sign Up Oct 1 to Nov 10

I’d like to give this a try this year.

SRK Handle: dela04
Join Date: September 2011
Ship internationally: Prefer to mail to the USA.
Three Liked Items:

  1. Macross / Robotech
  2. Chogokin Robots
  3. Stormtroopers

T-shirt size: XXL




The Damn Right reaction fits so well in this context lol


REMINDER, Signup ends on November 25


I didn’t get added to the list. Did I do something wrong?