Tech Talk Secret Santa 2019: Clash of the Kaiju. Forming VOLTRON with GD to Flight Kaiju

[Edit/ Update]
We are again going to Team up with @Pertho and General Discussion,
Sign up and details are on

Rather than delete or edit everything I just put the old Thread starter in spoiler tags.

I Keep up the thread as a secondary page for now.
We can also post your photos and such here as well.

Old Post

Because of the lack interest last year, I want to get the word out early.


Here are this year’s rules

Member must have 2018 or earlier Join Date.
$25 minimum without shipping.
Gift Cards are only allowed IF your Recipient requests.
Along with the $25 minimum gift(s), you must include a card and/or something unexpected.
You must have the package shipped and tractable by December 15 2019.
Instant Ban if you do not send a gift.

You must have a join date of 2018 or older.
You must qualify for the Trading Outlet.
If you joined with in 2019 with a minimum 50 quality Posts (No Spam), full 6 months (Prior to October 15 2019) and you need someone to vouch for you.
If you vouch for someone, you are also responsible if your vouchee do bad.
Because of Server transfers: Exceptions go to old members who have to make a new account as the old accounts are lost, but this is a case to case basis and is subject to discretion.
Unless overruled by a moderator, I got final say on eligibility.
Only sign up if you intend to trade gifts with a Random person. If you want something for free, go elsewhere. Failure to send a gift will not be tolerated.

You will ship the package to your Recipient by December 15 2019
When you ship, you must e-mail to me the Tracking Number, ether copy the number into text or take a photo of the receipt with the Tracking Number on it.
International is only taking place if we have enough participants.
If you are willing to ship Internationally please indicate it during signup.

Signup .
Sign up is Now Open, Closes November 21. Assignments goes out the next day.
You will have to email me at with the Subject like SRK TT Secret Santa, this is how I will send out assignments and get the tracking numbers from you.
Submissions via PMs on the forums will be ignored.
Oh Here, Post a picture of your SRK Handle on paper; be creative.
With the picture, post the following information:

SRK Handle
Join Date
Ship International
Three Liked Items (or post a link to a wish list)

You may also post a link to a wish list, amazon wish list or whatever works as long as we can also see it too.

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I’m in the process of discussing it with the missus, but she’s asking me not to join this year because of my current job situation. There’s still time though.

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I’m in, will do the proper post once I’m back from Japan :grin:

Edit: or when live, silly me, too eager for SS haha

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It’s cool, glad to have you on board. I want to give ample time to get the word out, hence why the thread up but I haven’t open up any sign up yet. I don’t have sign up open yet as I want to give time to organize things on my end.

Yeah no sweat, just glad to see it returning again
Already got some ideas for the surprise component of the gift haha!

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Knowing you, it probably be really good.

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Back in after being Geese Double Reppuken K.O.'ed by real life for almost 2 years :dizzy_face::dizzy_face:

Early Happy/Merry TTSS2019 greetings y’all!

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I am awaiting word about my contract being reinstated. If it happens, I plan on joining up again this year; and I’ll back my lists way down compared to previous years.

I’m back this for this year. My first year of SRK SS was really enjoyable in both shopping and receiving.



Changed Start Date to going live to October 15.
Various wording changes

And added most important the following message:

Only sign up if you intend to trade gifts with a Random person.
If you want something for free, go elsewhere. Failure to send a gift will not be tolerated.

I want to keep this thing fun, but it stops being fun for one unfortunate person if they did not receive their gift. This is a exchange not a charity.

At the end of the week, I’m gonna broach the subject again with the missus.


Email is added, Sign ups are open.

Count me in. Missus said as long as I’m pulling some hours in weekly, that I’m okay to do this.

Make sure you also email me so I can later send out assignments and such

gotchu. You should see the email now.

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You’d think it’d be easier to find high res pics of kaiju haha
It wasn’t so here’s my low res medium effort sign up
And now for sleep, will email you in the morning Dark <3

It’s sposed to be like a fight poster on theme for this years subtitle, dunno if that comes across haha

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I love it

So show of hands, who want to team up with GD for their Secret Santa.