Tech Talk Shmups (Shoot 'Em Ups) Appreciation Thread


I wanted to see some more Love for Shumps here on Tech Talk.
Since this is tech talk, lets steer this topic towards tech

What home gaming system (not emulators) you feel are the best for Shumps and why?
What Controllers and Arcade Sticks you prefer?
What layouts?

Why no mention of emulators, mame or arcade cabs.
Any one can download a emulator and a rom, but it does not good if we do not know what Roms to go for.

Why not arcade cabs, I feel this will degrade to Original hardware VS Mame debate.

Why SHUMPS? Street Fighter is always talked about on SRK, always will. Hell the forum is called Shoryuken. But once in a while it be nice to talk about Gradius, Radiant Silver Gun, Strike Gunner S.T.G., Galaga, Twinkle Star Sprites, Trigger Heart Execllia, Ikaruga, Aerofighters/ Sonic Wings and so on.

I been hearing whats good for fighter games are not necessarily good for Good old SHUMPS, why is that? Personal preference or does stick and game mechanics go into play?

For those who do not know what a SHUMP is, Check out Wikipedia

The shooter games thread returns! The Empire Of Ammo says, EVERYBODY GETS SHOT!

lol, shump


I play R-type on xbox live since they gave it to me for free and I use whatever stick I have out. Mainly my custom stick which has a LS-56 and octo gate.


There’s plenty of discussion on all things shmups at the forums: • Index page

I’d love to have a Japanese 360 to play Cave shmups but I don’t have the money for that. Shmups on MAME is all I have with the Dodonpachi series being my current favorite. I play on TE sticks and an old X-Arcade stick, but I’m looking to mod the X-Arcade with a Suzo 500.


I always tried to get Triple Ship in Galaga.
But never able to do it, only Double.

Then I found out the Triple Ship is in Galaga '88.

The Tech part of this Post?
Nintendo Entertainment System.


Edited the thread.

Fixed spelling of shmups and appreciation.

To avoid confusion.



Thanks for looking out MarkMan


I’ve been running espgaluda ii lately since I picked up a platinum collection copy…I’m way out of practice for shmups. The 360 has become my shmup machine with raiden, deathsmiles, mushihimesama, espgaluda, ikaruga and triggerheart. My old norris stick with ls-32 is my shmup stick.


Don’t forgive to give props, to a little something homegrown from tech talk.

D3Vlicious - Game Design - Gunbat: a Darkstalkers Shoot’em up?Fangame

Speaking of which, Game Maker is a pretty decent engine for making your own homegrown shmups. It is a bit limited in some areas (netcode, proper joystick support), but as far as making a working shmup, it’s a good place to start.


Your game hard. :sad:
But it is cool that my laptop lags it.
I can play much better with the slow.
Normal speed is so fast for me playing it.


To quote Bison: [media=youtube]X8u7px_GzWQ"[/media]

That said, you can use the Konami code on it.

Designed it to run at 1080p. That was the only way I knew how to actually make a modern comp get some slowdown.


I personally love shoot 'em ups my self, actually so much about a year ago I made a cabinet to play them on exclusively:

The cabinet itself has a xbox 360 in it and also a pc with more games on it. The cabinet also rotates to horizontal for say Deathsmiles, Progear and Radiant Silvergun.

My favorite company is definitely “Cave” with a lot of new titles out over the past few years such as : Deathsmiles 1 and 2, Mushihimesama Futari, Dodonpachi Resurrection, Akai Katana Shin and Espgaluda II. Add on their earlier catalog and its a no brainer to me. They have the most beautiful and interesting bullet patterns out of all of the genre to me.

Im definitely not the best at these games but its the same as fighting games for me, the more I put into it the more I enjoy, the better I play and you respect what it takes to master these games. I feel both genres are very similar and that is why they are my 2 favorite.

So far my 1CC (1 credit clear) list is:

Deathsmiles Black Label
Mushihimesama Futari
Mushihimesama Futari Black Label

The feeling of 1CC’ing a game in this genre to me is the best feeling of any games to me, its just a sense of supreme accomplishment lol.

Currently I am playing Ketsui, it is a little bit older Cave game. It is a very unforgivable game lol, the bullet patterns are much different in this game and the scoring is tough because you cant play back, you basically have to be on top of the enemies to score well. So far I can only get to the level 3 stage boss on 1cc but Im working on it!


I’d love to see my shizz running on that cab.


I wish I could mount my monitor in portrait view. I have an Asus MS246H which is great with it’s <0.5 frames of input delay, but the ring it uses as a stand is ass and there are no holes in the back to screw on a better monitor stand.

Maybe I should try and build my own portrait view stand.


Two of my favorite shooters of all time are Radiant Silvergun and Einhander. Of course Radian Silvergun is highly regarded, but sometimes I feel that Einhander is shunned by a lot of hardcore shmup fans for one reason or another.

I’m hoping that square enix will take a break from making Final Fantasy/RPG games and go for a sequel to Einhander. Zweihander?


I remember when Square Enix made alot of Non-rpgs. Busdhido Blade was a fighter with a real world damage system instead of a health bar, the right moves can cripple or kill a opponent in 1 hit. First Square game I played was Rad Racer for the NES, sort of a precursor to Sega’s Outrun. Yes I wish SquareEinx follow up on Einhander, even if the game isn’t a sequel. Square did release on PSN the game Thexder Neo, which is an up to date version of the original Thexder which was a game for the MSX system. Although I do think Thexder isn’t a Square Enix original but rather and Acquired from buying out another company.


Square made non-rpgs in the mid to late 90’s. Square-Enix decided to drop everything non-rpg after the merger.


Big shmup guy here, in case the avatar didn’t give it away for those in the know. Own a Japanese 360, own damn near every 360 shmup released, have my 360 connected to an Astro City arcade cabinet (in vertical orientation of course), and also bought a mount to allow me to rotate my VH222H monitor. Also own a CPS2 Gigawing board with a supergun.

I did recently 1CC Ketsui with the Panzer Jager ship, uploaded the replay here:



I played shooters almost exclusively for a long time before I got burnt out and switched to fighters a few years ago.

My favorites were Armed Police Batrider, Gunbird 2 and Ibara. Cleared all of them with pretty good scores.

I was developing a game a while back but kind of gave up on it. These are smaller shots but it was going to be 480x640.


I love nightmare bullet hell.
Gigawings I and II, Dodonpochi, Raiden, EspGaluda, Strikers 1945 Plus, DeathSmiles.
I’m also playing both Cave shooeters on Ipad as we speak. :stuck_out_tongue: