Tech Talk Shoot'em Up (Pro)Gear - arcade parts for bullet dodging

Reboot from the previous thread which became less and less Tech Talk oriented.

Talk about STG/shoot 'em up(shmup) arcade hardware and controllers here. Whether you prefer the good old Seimitsu LS-32 or not, button choices, monitors, cabs, etc.

Sharing of pics of sticks, cabs, setups, etc. is also much appreciated.

For everything else, there’s the Shooting Games Thread in GD.

To start of this discussion.

while I prefer the LS-32 for shooters, my buttons of choice are actually the more sensitive Sanwa OBSF-30s. Even with the good old 2-finger double tap, they’re still, in the end, easier on the hands.

Seimitsu LS-40 and your favorite buttons. Try it.

I like the LS-40, particularly for bullet hell shooters. For slower-paced games with more deliberate sprite placement, I still like the LS-32, but the LS-40 works fine too. The LS-40 has a very short actuation distance, which helps when you need to switch directions very quickly.

Button-wise, personally I go for Sanwas or something with clicky microswitches in it. I was never one for stock Seimitsu buttons, but that’s just me. I think the choice of button is less important than stick though.

For reference:

(Universal STC Joystick is aka Suzo 500, Ultimarc Euro-Stick, GroovyGameGear Omni-Stick, et al.)

I just realized that I currently don’t have a dedicated shmup stick at the moment. Now, how to fix that without having to spend any more money that I don’t have?

Man, I freaking love the LS-40. IMO, it is easily the best stick Seimitsu make.

This thread needs some emphatic. He’s beyond the LS-40 for shmups.

I was going to type about him.
He has all the cool STG Joystick stuff.

d3v, why don’t you use the twin tails stick?

That stick came with a JLF clone and the mountings are just about right for it (which is why I’m modding it in the first place). Putting an LS-32 or LS-40 would take a bit more work (I don’t even think they’ll fit in the case). I might just slot a Seimitsu into my TE (which is still stock) and do some art for it… wouldn’t go with my planned art for it though.

Ahhh, Twin Tails has a nice ring to a shooter stick.


Sometime in the future maybe. Once I get an FSPRO case for my planned BGC themed stick, maybe I’ll swap in an LS-32 or LS-40 instead.

He was posting in the previous SHMUP thread, but got infracted. Hopefully he comes back.

For my shmup stick, my combo is an LS-32 and Seimitsu PS-14-Gs. I suck with the sensitivity of Sanwa buttons for shooters, and the flat surface of the PS-14-G just feels ‘right’. However, I’ve never used an LS-40 or LS-56. Probably should order both and see if they can win my heart.

The only thing I know for sure is that I’m crap with a JLF for shmups. Mad respect for people that can rock those.

False. It was only a threat as I apparently was posting nonsense. :slight_smile:

The last two of Kyle’s links got tangled up somehow with the above one’s, so I’ll just re-post the one from ArcadeOtaku where FrancoB’s lovely LS-32 enhancer parts are showcased:

Franco has told me that he’s still looking into someone manufacturing these for him so he can get them “out there”. I’ve brought my prototype bits he was kind enough to send me to a shmup meet and it was love all around for these. For example: a worn LS-32 fitted with these feels like a brand new LS-32 only better still. It makes the un-modded LS-32 feel like a cheap knock-off in comparison. Still has the “Seimitsu dead zone wobble” though, so if you (like me) have OCD about your sticks and them moving about when not supposed to, the search for the Grail of sticks will go on. I still have to try the LS-40 and the LS-56, if only just to get to know them.

The SUZO 500 is still my prime choice for shmups, is easy to find (under different names, Euro-Stik, Omni-Stik etc), but has flaws:

[]The aesthetics is way off the norm for most “stick men”
]The pivot piece is too small - can be fixed by using shrink tubing or an o-ring, otherwise the shaft won’t be perfectly centered
[]Microswitches aren’t held in place 100% - when you take it apart to mount it, they need tending to be perfectly centered
]Big body, so won’t fit in most stick cases without modding
[]No custom parts worth buying for it is available from parts re-sellers (that I know of)
]No 5-pin connector so will need a .187 connector harness if your stick base is made for Japanese brands
[*]The 500 model doesn’t have the 8-way “nudges” built into the Inductive model (they are excellent for this genre)

The throw is really short and the actuation is almost immediate, making those tiny quick movements needed for shmups much easier. The Inductive stick is even quicker to respond, but needs a +5V to operate, just like the SANWA Flash1 or Toodle’s SPARK PCB for the JLF.

When you do, I’d love to hear your thoughts versus the custom LS-32 parts. I’d also like to know if those custom parts would fit in a TE case.

I remember not being impressed ‘enough’ with the 40 versus the 32 for shmups. It’s been a while though. I want a crazy tight stick like emphatic is after. Right now I play on a JLF (ack!) with a tighter spring. I can’t tell enough of a difference between it and the LS-32. I perform basically the same with both sticks playing Cave shmups on Manic mode. I’d love a stick where I move less pixels.

As long as the LS-32 stick fits, they will. It doesn’t change the outer dimensions of the LS-32/LS-32-01.

As long as the JLF is fresh, the spring difference from an LS-32 is the biggest one IMHO. I have different sticks in my cabs, because having to adjust keeps you on your toes which of course is a big plus when playing shmups. As long as the stick is fresh and have a balltop it’s easy enough to adapt. I don’t think it would be as easy for fighters though.

I use an unmodded JLF and some OSBF’s and have no real problems. I want to try an LS-32 and I don’t want to order just a stick, but maybe when I order my clears…

For a while, I ran an LS-32 with LS-40 parts (as seen here in my LS-36 guide </shameless plug>) which I found absolutely great for both SHMUPs and fighting games, but I gave my LS-36 to a friend of mine because he absolutely LOVED that stick to death and I wanted to do some experimenting with optical joysticks. After that, I used an ASCII Optical and a Sanwa FLASH 1 for a little while and those felt pretty nice too when you buffed up the spring.

I’m not extremely hardcore with my SHMUPs so it may just be inexperience and scrubbery talking, but for me, it’s not so much the throw/engage of the stick that matters, it’s really the spring. Recently, I tried playing Radiant Silvergun and Ikaruga (sorry guys; Treasure SHMUPs are the only ones I know :shake:) on a JLF with double JLF springs and it felt just as good as when I use my optical joysticks or when I had my LS-36 so I can see where Kyle is coming from. I really would like to get more into SHMUPs, especially the things that CAVE makes, but I’m not hardcore/rich enough to buy myself a Japanese Xbox 360. :sad:

My other question is, mod an stick I already own to be a shump stick or make a new stick.

New stick if you can afford it. Make it wood, but as thin as possible(no shaft hole, be creative, a recess is OK though).