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This is a thread where all the modders could share all the tools they use and recommend to do the mods. <br><br>Let start with me:<br><br> Cheap and gets the job done.<br><br><br>I’ll post more once I can remember what brand some of my tools are.<br><br><br><br><br>


This is an excellent idea!  I’ll update with my tools in later since I’m not home at the moment.


I prefer to dual-wield a handsaw and a Dremel, but I do also have a screwdriver.


Without getting into brands or stores here are some of the tools you might be looking into

Phillips Screw Driver
Flat Head Screw Driver
Jewlers size Flat Head and Phillips
Needle Noose pliers
Wire cutters/snippers
Wire Stripper
Crimper for terminal contacts (quick disconnects)
Various Security Bits for Game Pads and Consoles
Button Wrench for Happs and IL Buttons
C-clamp pliers for Seitmsu LS-32
#3 Allen wrench for Mad Catz TE top panel screws
#2.5 Allen wrench for replacement screws for the TE.
Soldering Iron
Soldering Iron Stand
Helping Hands/ 3rd hand for holding electronics for you while soldering
Wet Sponge or Brass Sponge for cleaning the soldering iron tip.
RJ45 Crimpers
Multimeter, for testing and trouble shooting
Dremel or other Rotatory tool
Hand held power Drill
1 1/8" size dill bit for Happs/IL buttons (Foster Bits, hole saw or step bit)
30mm and 24mm drill bits for Japanese Push Buttons (Hole saw)
28mm drill bit for Korean Buttons (Hole saw)
a file that can be used on metal and plastics
Rat tail file
sandpaper (of various grit)
Hack Saw
Hobby Knife or x-acto Knife
digital camera (documentation)
pad of paper and a pencil
zip lock bags or plastic storage bins for organizing parts and screws.
heat gun or cigarette lighter (heat shrink and tech flex/tubing)
hot glue gun
PC or Game Console - for testing. For USB controllers use the PC and open up the game controller app to see buttons respond in real time.


V8 motor


That reminded me of this


I will add Hemostats.


40 Watt Soldering Iron? I get by just fine with 15W.

As for my recommendations?
X-Acto Knife
Allen Key set
Hot Glue Gun

And maybe a few other things, if I can think of them.


I forgot to add the Birminghan Screwdriver


Also known as a Hammer.


It also makes sense to carry some commonly used supplies…

.110 QDs. (Maybe .250)
Solder, Flux
Hook up wire
Cable ties
Single malt


Thermal Shrink Wrap tubing
Tech flex sleaving
Spiral wrap sleaving
Spare USB cord.
Cable tie anchors
Super Glue
Hot glue
Electric Tape
spare dremle cut off wheels
Empty Altoids Tin


To add to what has already been mentioned:

Disposable lighter (excellent for shrink-wrap)
Nail clippers (excellent for wire cutting, solder cutting, and trimming. I find them much better to use than traditional wire cutters).


Nail clippers are super handy. I also like Xuron flush cutters for cutting and trimming work.

In a pinch you can use “cuticle nippers” as flush cutters, which might be easier to find (e.g. at the grocery store). Your girlfriend/wife/sister might already have some around, and may or may not yell at you for using them; not that I know from experience.




Speaking of nail accessories, an emery board or nail file is handy for rounding off the edges of plastic after cutting.

I have a cheap needle file set that I use in tight spots like panel mounted holes, as well as a diamond burr set for detail Dremeling. Very useful for polishing off a nice hole. Oo, er.


Tools list for me includes

25W-60W Variable Soldering Iron,
Desolder Pump
Desolder Braid
Electrical Tape
Spool of 24 gauge wire/Ethernet Cable
20-30 Gauge Wire cutter/Stripper
Wire Cutters
CAT5 Crimper
Straight and Bent Tipped Hemostats
30 in 1 Security Screwdrivers
2.0-5mm 5 hex key set
Variable Speed Dremel with grinding/sanding/cutting bit
Fluke 117 RMS multimeter
Hozan Open barrel Crimpers


I just ordered
3.8mm & 4.5mm security bits for Nintendo systems

Also you want a tri-wing screw driver for Game Cube and Wii controllers and for the DS


Which crimper do you recommend for non-insulated quick disconnects?

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Really it depends on your budget, there are $10 combination stripers and crimpers at the auto part store and there $80 professional ratcheting crimpers that the pros use

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I must have a ratchet crimper. Those stripper/crimpers hurt my hands.