Tech-throw out of karakusa

I’m pretty sure that opponents have tech-thrown out of my karakusa a couple of times. Is this common knowledge? Is it something to worry about, or does it just happen randomly when the timing is just right? Can other command grabs (yun’s, ibuki’s) tech-throw her command grab, or is it just LP+LK?

You can’t tech command grabs at all, but you can use Karakusa to tech a throw. But you can’t use a throw to tech Karakusa.

BTW: Ibuki’s grab is not a true command grab because it can be blocked and you can combo into it. However it cant be parried.

you’re teching their throw with a Karakusa, not the other way around

command grabs can’t be teched out of, but you can tech out of a normal throw with a command grab

it doesn’t happen too often

So a “tech throw” is defined as, someone else starts their throw animation, but you start your throw animation before they actually grab & throw you? So my karakusa is turning into a “reaction” against their throw?


After someone throws, there is a window (3 frames) where you can input LP+LK to tech it. If Makoto’s command grab goes active during that time, she will tech the throw.