Tech Throw Thursdays 8/19/10

Top 8 out of 18 players

1st- “Salty Josh WONG” (Guile)
2nd- Dr. Chaos (Ken)
3rd- Counter Pick Master (Dictator)
4th- KYO Police (Cammy)
5th- Pete (Geif)
5th- Skye (Honda)
7th- Mr Quotes (Dudley)
7th- FEEL LAX (Abel)

I just would like to thank all the players that came out to the first one… Zack and Pirin, DA Boys- Josh Chaos Rick Julian, Spektrum, Skye, JD and Dave D, The University City Guys- Pete Larry Vince, Felix, Patrick, Kyle from Reading, Mr. Quotes and Marlin Pie from NJ, AND Josh the bartender taking care of all of us!!!

About time.

Good shit Ron, I’ll be at the next one

This was mad fun! Good shit Ron, Location and drink specials were perfect. GGs to everyone I met and thanks for the tips. I got school starting back up next week so I’m not sure if I’ll make the next one, but I’ll try. Keep it goin man!


Awesome time thanks Ron! the Bayou guardians defended their turf!

Thanks to Ron for the awesome venue, I had a great time despite getting the Clubhouse special… :lol:

Slight correction: Julian the Counterpick Master’s character should be Counterpick, instead of Dictator.

Ball & chain tied to Ken’s leg when he walks is no good vs jab sonic boom lol.

Big thanks to Ron and The Bayou for holding this tournament. Reminds me of old times when out-of-towners show up for local bi-weeklies. Hopefully more will start coming.

The Bayou! Great venue, Great Area and $2 meatball specials! Come and you won’t be disappointed :karate:

This tournament series is going to ruin my NAH status

Grats on the first tourny and best wishes for many to come.