Tech Throws Exercise

Hello folks,

I created a example video to teach folks the proper way to tech throw on wakeup

Ive been lurking these forums for a while and noticed that alot of folks have major issue with getting thrown due to either mash optionselect tech when they are in blockstun or when they are waking up.

The example video is not the be all end all but more so to help you learn the delayed timing for proper throwtech. If find the video helpful please let me know. As well I can make a more complex training exercise but I have a feeling when people figure out the proper timing, a light bulb will flash in their heads :wink:

Thanks for your time,

The video helps, I guess ill just mention how people should not expect this to work online. More or less because the frames are not always precise and you will probably be getting furious for something that is actually not your fault.

If you can show it from the most common ryu crosses/rufus traps/chun… that would prob be great too

Not sure that this is correct. Granted offline its easier to Tech Throw but I’m online all the time and it works well for myself. Alot folks are still in the habit of teching way to soon. They either eat a throw or Shoruken because the option select was started to soon. Why ? c.jab+short is the same a crouching short. Shoryuken beats a short and so does a throw.

Here is my question: Is it better to eat a throw or a Shoryuken Fadc Ultra ? Just delay the Option select tech and save your self some frustration :wink:


I was trying to find a nice, streamlined way to drill the crouch tech, shoulda thought of ex hurricane cause I played ken a few times myself. Even though I don’t play guile, Thanks

Nice vid ! Very useful !
I’ll try this training method tonight. Thanks !

Are there any other set-ups for this basic mix-up that could be trained?


Try to think in terms of a loop when recording the practice exercise. 10 secs is not alot.
Another example with Ken,
[]forward throw > on wake up do a c.jab+short > slight delay then forward throw
]On wake up do a throw
[*]On wakeup again slight delay c.jab+short > s.jab > fierce shoryuken with an optional fadc ultra

Granted the cycle isn’t perfect but make sure to let your self get thrown to start the loop.

then again I am on the psn lol, and correct me if I am wrong, you can crouch defend by tapping throw after every poke calmy prior to anticipating a throw which should auto block if srk comes out and tech if they throw

I have to admit, i dont really know what Tech Throw means. What i got from this is that its like an option that either grabs or Blocks depending on the timing i think

Excellent video.

You’re close. Its an option that either blocks or keeps you from getting grabbed. As long as you time it right, if you think a grab attempt is coming up, you can get out of it if you’re right(tech), or block the move if you’re wrong.

2x :frowning:

can you tech a throw by holding down-back + lp+lk? or does it have to be standing lp+lk? sorry for the noob question

In other games you had to be standing, not so much in this one. So yes, you can hold down back and tech.