Teching Command Throws

Is it possible to tech all command grabs? Mokoto’s karakusa can be teched, which makes me think other command throws can be too. So, are the timings just stricter on some techs like Hugo’s moonsault or yun/yang’s zenpo tenshin or are they impossible to tech? cause i can’t even tech those in training mode.

I think it’s impossible to tech command grab, when u see the tech animation during your command grab or during an enemy’s command grab it’s because the command grab is breaking the normal throw and never the opposite.

I’m sure all throws can tech all command-throws if done correctly.

How can it never be the opposite? You’re stupid. :tdown:

If the throw’s hitframes connect during the startup of the command grab, the person doing the command grab will get thrown. If the throw’s hitframes coincide with the command grab’s hitframes, then the command grab is teched. I’m assuming we’re not including things like Gigas, SPD’s, Hyperbombs, and things like that.

no no no, leva’s right. The command for a command throw can count as a tech tentative.
If you watch closely when a tech happens when someone executes a command throw (it happens, not often but it happens), the animation shows clearly that the command throw executer escaped the normal throw tentative of the other. That’s because the execution of the command throw was completed right after the opponent pressed LP+LK. The opposite can’t be done, I tested it. I don’t have the tools to make a vid of that :frowning:

Yes it’s true actually. You can’t tech a command throw, but you can use a command throw to tech, if that makes sense.

lets not speak like its law now, i ve teched makoto’s command… if my shotty memory serves me right, ask quotes.

besides, nobody is gonna intentionally be in your tech range when they command, its one of the solutions for non late tech’ers

i’ve teched out of makoto’s command grab abunch of times its just like teching out of a normal throw

I don’t think so, when u think u’ve teched a karakusa it’s cuz the karakusa actually teached your normal throw attempt.

Ok so, during a tech throw the character that break the throw do a shor jump back [we all know this], post some vids where your character break a karakusa or a powerbomb to prove u can tech command grab.

meh. Calling people stupid is fun. :tup:

But is that only true with Powerbomb & Karakusa? Because Yun gets thrown out of his command grab like no tomorrow.

Maybe cuz command grab aren’t techable? And yes, i’m stupid wasting my time with ya. :tup:

ahhh, i see~ that makes sense
thanks for explaining

Yeah, but you just said that command grabs could tech throws. And I’ve never seen Yun’s command grab tech a throw.

I think all you Italians are just messing with us. XP

strakka, I promise you I’ll make a vid of that whenever I get the ability to vidcap on my pc

anyway command throws sometimes behave weird in 3s.
Some days ago I was playing Chun Li against Hugo. The Hugo player did an empty jump 720. I pressed LP+LK when he landed. Result? The screen did freeze for the super startup, I thought I lost the round, only to see that Chun grabbed Hugo lol

hugo getting grabbed out of his 720 is one of the rarest things… me personally always do a 720 outside of throw range anyways… hehe

I “teched” yun’s commandgrab one time and I ended up in the air. Weird…

everyone can airtech. its very strange. not everyone can air throw, but you can always tech in the air.

Are you sure you weren’t just teching her neutral grab?

yea i’m sure no one does c.short,hayate neutral grab i’ve had my command grab with makoto teched out off too it looked like a normal tech but i know i did command grab

Perhaps the karakusa moved you into HIS throw range maybe?

I’m leaning on the side that says the command throw techs the throw, and that your cannot tech command throws.

But, can you tech a throw with ALL command grabs? Even supers? What about Hugo’s runnning grab?