Teching incoming Air grab


How in the world do I tech an air grab when one of my characters die and someone dash and scoops me … ive tried everything?


you mean command grab like nemmy’s?


no like just random air grab liek wesker
he dashes and then throws me and ive spam everyway and H and i cant tech the grab…
getting scooped by a level 3 wesker is pretty much game


Practice air grab tech.

You can’t just mash the H button whenever you want, you have to be grabbed first.


i have practiced it but it seems different when your character is incoming vs mid screen or already fighting


If it’s on your incoming character, you can’t be thrown until you block something or you hit a button, so don’t worry about teching as you come in.


that explains EVERYTHING cause im just mashing like a champ lol


You don’t need to mash like a champ. You get 7 whole frames to tech a grab so you don’t need to mash. As a matter of fact you DONT want to mash because if you mash and they meaty your slower start up H normal with a faster L or M normal…you’re getting put in a combo.

Just wait until right before you feel they will throw you and press f or b+H once. As long as you teched within the 7 frame window you’ll break out.


thank you all!