Teching on reaction

I hear periodic talk from top players about “knowing what a throw looks like and just reacting to it” or whatever. most recently from mike ross on gootecks’ podcast, I think. does that mean literally just reacting to the animation the throw makes, or what?

I assume you’re talking about SF4/SSF4

After playing for a while you will generally know when people are about to throw you.

The best way to deal with throws is crouch tech option select. You should look it up.

yeah I’ve looked that up, somehow can’t get it to work though so I wanted to see what this was all about. so it’s basically “suck it up and tech like you’re playing ST” then?

You can’t react to the startup of throws. That’s some 3D fighter shit. They just mean they know the situations in which throws generally occur (like after a tick) and they crouch tech

A lot of times, the reason the crouchtech doesn’t work is because players who use it will use the same rythym over and over again. If your opponent is purposely changing up the rhythm of their strings, or you’re just playing a character you’re not used to, this tactic probably isn’t going to work, and it’s going to net your opponent a lot of damage.

In situations where this happens I find it’s better to just make educated guesses as to when the throw is going to occur, and tech while standing (as this gives you an extra 3 frames). I find that if they do go for a throw when I go for the stand tech, I almost always tech it. If they go for one and I try to crouch tech, I still get thrown often because the window is more strict. I’m pretty sure this is what they were talking about. Does anyone actually have reactions that good? If so, then kudos…

I still use the OS tech though, but it’s situation dependent. If I think the opponent’s going to use a string that I’ve practised OS teching before, then I try and use a rhythm that will break any throw attempt they make (ie after one or two jabs).

yea, that’s been happening to me a lot lately, I’ll try to crouch tech and I’ll see a flash of my own then get thrown. Also lately my main sparring partner has been getting crazy amounts of counter-hits on things as quick as light punches very frequently. I refuse to believe he can react to something that fast. I think I’m either pressing buttons too much or I have some sort of pattern I’m not aware of.

I think you can react to throw animation especially if they are funky looking like Juri’s

I dunno about that, aren’t throws like…as fast as some jabs?
It’s pretty easy to react to a throw WHIFF, but to react to something that’s 3(i think?) frames is pretty…impossible. Unless I’m getting my frames mixed up.

nothing is impossible.

You have a considerable amount of time to tech a throw

Throws have 3 start up frames but you can still tech them within the next 7 frames (so practically <10 frames), which means about a 160ms time window. Considering the average human reaction speed (to something which you are on the look-out for) is about 215ms, I’d say it’s pretty hard, albiet not impossible, to tech solely on reaction.

That said, I’m pretty sure most people tech based on a combination of prediction and rhytm.

well there always gouken back throw you can tech out of on reaction. haha

10 frames is forever, it’s not that hard if you’re looking for it and like, on edge sort of. (i don’t think you even need sirlin slow time)
also if you see them suddenly stand up just tech when you see their hand. it works fine
unless it’s adon who has no throw animation, it looks like you have to predict his throws

people can also mean realizing they’re in a throw setup and teching appropriately?

like someone else said, just know the situations in which a throw can occur. it’s virtually impossible to be thrown if you know it’s coming and you’re free to do something

Look for patterns.

Oh and whenever someone walks forward after a knockdown/air to air/taunt/ball scratch.

It might be possible to actually react to throws and tech them, but its probably difficult. I don’t know if this is true in SF4, but in 3s, its possible to late tech, which means pressing tech after they have grabbed you, so its not so much reacting to the start up of the grab, but reacting to being grabbed.

there’s like, a little pause somewhere around after the grab hits and visual depiction on the screen. if the start up is hard to see (like really close or something) all you see is the grab occur and it’s too late to tech at that point.