Teching throws during recovery - does it need to be patched/removed?

UMVC3 brought a change to the throw teching system - now you can tech throws during the recovery of any move. This change makes some teleport offenses safer than normal, makes throw-only punishable moves unpunishable, and in general I think its just a silly mechanic.

In vanilla, if you see a Wesker do an H teleport on the ground, you’d normally just jump up and air throw him, or anti air him if you had an amazing anti air. Now, he can just OS throw tech during his amazing priority j.S, making that option much more viable for continuing pressure. Same with Dante - no respectable Dante would ever do raw teleport without some sort of blockstring, but now, it is a lot harder to punish something like stinger>BC teleport if he OS throw techs during j.H/j.M.

Then you have chars with moves that require throws to punish. Examples include Ryu’ L tatsu, Wolverine’s Divekick at a certain height, Dante’s Killer bee, and more. Also, say you’re fighting against Doom and he’s using Missiles/Sphere flame - unless you have something that negates the missiles such as a cinematic or large AoE super, you can’t do anything about it but respect it in ultimate.

And of course, instead of having one chance to tech air throws - just mash on throw tech when you think its coming. I really have no idea why this change to the system was implemented, and think it needs to be removed.

Command grabs will still beat hidden missiles spray but honestly…Doom needed that buff because hidden missiles on point was nearly useless when most of the rushdown cast could just normal throw him out of it for free. The buff in effect makes hidden missiles on point a bit more useful. Only really a bit though because most of the other cast has some type of projectile invincible move that will blow right through it. It will make Wolverine easier to fight that’s for sure.

This definitely does make getting out of throw situations a little too easy but I’m sure Capcom did this because people complained about how cheap throws are in the game. Essentially creating more ways to get out of throws. Which of course the other effect is that it also creates new cheap ways to use the throws also.

Yes it needs to be removed. People don’t need another reason to fucking mash on H all day erry day

If Capcom put this in on purpose though it’s not going to go away. It’s here to stay…for good until they reconsider in another version of the game. This is a hard game change that they most likely had their reasons for and no amount of complaining will make them budge now.

Easily the worst change from Vanilla to Ultimate. The dumbass HUD doesn’t come close.

In addition to all his other Zoning tools, Doom doesn’t need to have Hidden Missiles on point. It’s not like he can’t set them up safeley with the help of assists or on incoming characters.

This change is stupid imo.

This is change very stupid. I first noticed it today when I was playing some noob Taskmaster and he just kept mashing Web Swing the whole time. I couldn’t punish because he would tech all my throws, and he would land with a J.:h: and do Web Swing again. I tried to pushblock, but even pushblocking all three attacks barely pushed him out of range, and he got back in with another Web Swing. :wtf:

Throws really need to use a different button instead of :h:. If throws used :b:/:f: + :l: or even :b:/:f: + :s:, we wouldn’t be having all these problems in the first place.

There’s really no reason at all for people to stop mashing H online anymore then.

Ground throws overall need more knockback. Why? This:


I only notice it being really retarded vs taskmasters. People already mash h sideways to webswing, but now they are actually rewarded for it. Most players who tech throws during web swing/mighty swing/whatever the fuck u wna call it, aren’t even aware they were teching a throw.

To be honest I wouldn’t mind if throwing in this game was changed to two buttons. Not sure how that would work though for some characters. Make it L+H or something, then we can got OS throws/supers lol

I think this shit needs to be removed. It just makes Wesker and other teleporters even more obnoxious. Fuck Wesker.

lol that was hilarious, but as for the actual topic Im not sold on this change being completely idiotic yet. Throws in vanilla were extremely good, some could argue a little too good. This change seems to have been implemented to kinda nerf throws overall, and while it may have introduced some other issues it does show capcom realize throws were a little on the bullshit side and are attempting to change them.

In summary I guess my point is, yea the new teching system is a little silly, but I don’t think its as silly as the original throw system. In other words, the lesser of two evils at the moment. Of course this is just my opinion and if anyone has a good reason to disagree please feel free to tell me, Im always open to a good discussion.

Shit like this makes Phoenix Wright more irrelevant. Now you’re no longer rewarded for having good fundamentals with a shitty character.

UMvC3, the only game there you can tech a punish… sigh

I would like it removed, but the reality is, throws are still pretty damned good.

OK, I knew I wasn’t crazy when I told some local players this tech BS is new to UMVC3 and never existed in vanilla. Yeah, that shit’s gotta go.

I respectfully disagree and here’s why:

While I don’t play Wright, my Iron Fist likes to rely on throws on opponents who are good at blocking his straight forward attack style. Wesker being predictable with his silly offense, I should be able to put him in check, yet he gets to tech my throw and then come out with that fat j.H. Rinse and repeat. OS throws were already bad enough, but now I still have to deal with OS throws on “punishable” moves? wtf.

I guess the combination with OS throws(which were just a stupid idea to begin with) makes it extra silly. I can agree with you on that, completely forgot about how easy it was to OS a throw. Yea when you put it that way it does seem mad silly, some characters don’t really have an option against people constantly mashing :h: in the air or on the ground. I really do think capcom need to re-think the entire throw system.

I’ve seen a lot of “Fuck Wesker” posts but this one made me laugh extra hard. Thanks :rofl: