Teching Throws Online


I’m having serious trouble Teching throws online. I can tech the computer, and regularly train throw tech off of different throw setups I’ve been hit with online. However, I don’t seem to be able to get it consistently when fighting online. Is there any training method or advice anyone can give me to help get the timing down online?
Thanks in advance.


Most people to mash grabs during block stuns, some people predict it. If its lagging too much, there isn’t much you can do though it would still be possible to tech.


Online lag may necessitate you having to time your crouch-techs earlier to adjust to it. It could also be that you crouch-tech slightly late, so that your opponent grabs you during the start-up.


Ok, will try to adjust my timing. I get enough chances. :slight_smile:

Do you have the frame data for throws, just so I can get it straight in my head? I have searched but can’t find it. Would love to know the startup, active and recovery frames (I assume they must be the same for each character) and the number of frames the tech window is.


It’s all in the SRK wiki.


Ah, cheers dude. According to that you can’t be thrown during start up frames of a throw though, so I must be doing it too late. Will keep trying.


When you tech throws, do you do it while standing or crouching?


I think I may know where you going. I usually crouch tech, but I’m pretty sure I’m never doing it early enough to stick out a short and get grabbed during start up of the kick.
I stupidly misunderstood your previous post and thought you meant grabbed out of throw start up. I didn’t think that could be done beforehand, but I believed my own mistake.


Did it! Timed it earlier, teched 20 odd throws online today! Also been hitting crouch tech in rhythm of blocked hits and that’s been working too! Thanks for the advice guys! I’m stoked right now. Small goals.


Congratz! It seems like you’re doing it perfectly. Blocking when you’re being attacked, teching if they throw you, and comes out if they do nothing. It’s one of the basic and important option-selects to learn early on, and I’m glad you’re already seeing an improvement to your game.

But just keep in mind that good players will often shift the timing of their throws in order to make you crouch tech early or late. This lets them throw you while you’re throwing out a This isn’t a problem for characters with really fast (like Guy or Dictator) but it is for those who have slower ones.

Also, crouch techs lose to frame traps, which are designed to hit you during your start-up for a counterhit combo. Keep these things in mind whenever you play a good player who knows how to shift the timing of his attacks and use frame traps.


keep these in mind, people do a grab
-after a blocked link combo - they walk forward and try to grab you
-after a cross up - as they land
-wake up - exactly after waking up


What is the difference? Is it better to tech throws standing or crouching?


When you stand tech, you have more frames to be able to land a tech throw. However, you have to stand up to do it, and if it whiffs, you can be severely punished, in both situations. But if your opponent does nothing, you throw them, giving you positional advantage.

When you crouch tech, you have less frames to land a throw tech, which means stricter timing to beat a throw. However, it’s better to crouch tech in general, because it covers greater options.