Teching throws.


Hi so my question is pretty simple and hopefully I can get a better understanding on how teching throws work. My question is:
Is teching throws possible on reaction or are they only possible through a read? I mean I don’t really think anyone can throw tech on reaction but just wanted to get your input on this, thanks. Oh and also do you guys just input lp+lk or do you guys move the pad/stick in a certain direction when you tech throw?


Unless you’re a robot or something it’s nearly impossible to throw tech on reaction, as throws themselves have like under 10 frames of techable time, that means you’d have roughly 100 millaseconds to react to the throw. Somebody correct me if i’m wrong but I think this is how it is


A throw is 5 frames. If you can react to that, you have some solid reaction times. I believe most people tech based off of reads though. That’s how I do it. There are a few common moments where people tend to go for a throw. Walk up throw, jump in then throw when land, tic throw.

Throws really don’t do a lot of damage and normals result in much bigger damage, so if you are unsure if someone is going to throw you in one of the three situations I just described, let him throw you once so you get an idea of what setups he favors to go into a throw. So then you are able to read future throws from the other guy.

Also, some throw techs result from option selects. So there isn’t much thinking involved with them. Just input the option select and the throw is teched automatically.


Thanks guys. What is option selects? I’ve heard that before.


^ Don’t quote me on this, but I think option select is doing two moves at once (or pressing two buttons at once) so you can do two moves depending on range, An example would be the crouch tech thing from SFIV I think it was, you held down and back and pressed jab and light (the throw input) a jab would come out, however if you did it close to somebody then you would grab them, effectively covering two options for your opponent, I’m not sure of any in SFV yet but i’m sure there are ones. Basically it’s just inputting two actions to cover two possible options for your opponent. I’m a noob myself so I might be wrong