Teching throws

Sorry I know this isn’t akuma specific, but the akuma forums seem to be more active.

When an opponent is doing tick throws. ie. jab jab throw. If you won’t know when they are going to throw ie. jab throw, or jab, short short throw.

Is it possible to option select to the rhythm of their attacks?

If they’re going jab jab throw, can i go throw throw throw, if they throw then I tech, if they don’t then a weak attack comes out?

Holding downback + lp + lk will do that for you.

no I know how to option select, I’m just asking if timing to the rhythm of their attacks will work efficiently.

OH, i’m pretty sure that you have to give it one or two frame inbetween their throw and the option select, cause if you hit it at the exact same time they hit the throw, a short will come out and they’ll throw you out of the short

I just try to time techs with each normal they throw at me in a block string.

Yup lords got it

Word, crouch tech. Like Azuntt said, tech the throw RIGHT after you see it. This way you avoid attacks or tech the throw accordingly.

that’s more or less how you want to time it. but you want your input to be just as their attacks are landing cause you don’t want the short to start and get thrown during start-up frames.

Slightly after is preferable. The throw escape window is a whopping 10 frames, so you can tech pretty late. Doing it later allows you to block a wider variety of normals in case they didn’t throw.

Every time I see blue I press db+LP+LK shit works great I used to either get thrown all the time or I’d backdash strings.

And of course dont forget to be prepared to chain the cr.LK into cr.LP and combo if your crouching short beats whatever they do.

You can fake quickly cancel his -> + MP and grab your opponent to perform Akuma’s throw technique.

Too fast to be a fake, nobody would get fooled by it. Doesn’t add significant range either, so it’s no use as a kara.

Only thing you’d ever want to cancel f+MP into is a demon.