Technical question about organizing Endless Battle


Is there an efficient way to let everyone in the session know you have to leave to take care of real-life tasks? I ended up shutting down the session after a fight, and started worrying that everyone else might’ve thought I was rage quitting or something…


not really, but you can send messages ?? or just put " Let’s have fun " as the room comment


Who cares what random people online think.


On one hand, I’ll admit, its probably not that big of a deal in general, and if I ever did rage quit or otherwise be a sore loser, it would just somehow be painfully obvious.

On the other hand, I am a random person online, and I obviously care about my own opinions so, its only fair to treat others similarly, right?

The main thing that would bother me is if people regarded me as a poor sport when I’m really not, and that I’m just new to the interface and community…


Not really, unless you’ve got a mic.

I wouldn’t worry about it. As long as you don’t leave mid-match I think it’s reasonable.

Send friend requests to the people you think you want to play again. Everyone else, well, it’s online- you can send out messages apologizing or something but there’s really no need.

It kind of comes with the territory. People do worse things than just leaving.


Its online. Everyone is hidden by anonymity. They have no idea who you are besides what your GT/PSn name is and chances are they forgot it the second you left the lobby.
Stop worrying about it.



I guess so. There’s really nothing I can do but suck it up and hope for the best. Now I know I’m obviously over-thinking this whole scenario and fabricating problems for myself. Thanks for the help.


I put training, then some guy with 20k BP either thinks he’s the shit or cries cause he wins/loses to my random select.

Unless you go to tournaments. Then it’s uploaded and you’re exposed for being a scrub.