Technical question about pushblocking

ok, i lied, a few technical questions…

  1. guard cancelling.
  • why does it work?
  • is the block-stun release dependent on different moves that hit? or just a certain period of time / frames have to go by before it will let you out of block stun.
  1. the actual intent…
  • why is there almost a completely different effect on it when i’m playing somebody that knows what they’re doing versus somebody who doesn’t? this might seem stupid, but let me give you an example.

the kid that i was teaching last year had developed a pretty decent sentinel. he had a basic stomp pattern that he used on me frequently, that i was able to get out of (fly, hk, refly, lk, unfly, hp, land,, fly, lk, refly, go forward, and start over) now, i could manage to push him off of me every time he did this, without a problem. I had told a friend of mine from NY to try this on me at NEC, and I wasn’t able to push him off. Do things like reflying faster reset the pushblock or is there some kind of way that the player on the offense fights against being pushed far back?

1.a: ??? You’re able to do whatever you want after a number of frames.
1.b: everyone has the same time for pushblock- 23. Meaning that if you push block you will be stuck for 23 frames.

2.a: If you have a move IN your sprite at frame 24 you wont be able to get out. It sounds like your friend was just doing it slowly or you were pushing the pp at the right frame and jumping out at the right time.

Thanks :slight_smile:

This may be a stupid question but when does the said 23 frame count start? after or during the push block?

probably as soon as you hit it, as it’s about half a second time to super jump out of hsf.

You know we should make this the main guard canceling thread, or should make one at least.

It seems to me that Cable is the easiest to apply advanced guard canceling scenarios. Cause guard cancel AHVB/cr. lp/j. lp beats a lot of stuff. It’s crazy.

Example, vs. Cable/Sent-y, while being trapped by st hpx4, call sent, grenade, pushblock the third gunshot, then go to neutral and AHVB, pointing the beam neutral then upwards. What happens is you will shoot the other Cable in the ending animation of the grenade. Then you point the beam to get rid of stuff, and continue on. This however is countered by doing jab viper, or mixing up how many bullets you fire.

But yeah that’s something I found when playing. If you find common stuff, you should try and guard cancel and punish or sj out if you can.

one thing that i noticed nobody does when they get trapped by sentinel in the corner…

guard cancel and dash forward. i get out of so much shit like that. wait for them to stomp and call their assist and guard cancel out and dash out… free rom infinites with magneto.