Technical questions about pushblock

I think pushblock is a pretty important tool, but I can’t for the life of me find any juicy details about it, so I have a number of questions about it I can’t figure out on my own.

  1. Does the duration of a pushblock change based on the attack blocked? Ex: Is the duration of the pushblock state the same when you pushblock during the blockstun of a c.short as the duration when you pushblock during the blockstun of a s.fierce?
  2. Does the duration of the pushblock state change based on when in the blockstun you press the buttons? Ex: For the blocked s.fierce above (with, say 15 frames of original blockstun), if I hit the punches on the first frame of blockstun, will I come out of the pushblock state four frames before I would have if I hit the punches on the fifth frame of blockstun?
  3. Does pushblocking a single hit that would do chip damage reduce the chip I take?
  4. When in a pushblock state, what happens to other chipping attacks that connect with the sprite? Do I take chip from them? Does it change the duration of my pushblock? Ex. I block a rocket punch and pushblock after the flash for HSF. I know I come out of the pushblock state just before the second wave of drones connects. What affect does the first wave of drones have? Do I take chip? Do they affect my pushblock duration?
  5. What is the affect when pushblocking a hit caused by an assist? Does the assist get pushed?
  6. What is the affect when pushblocking a hit caused by an assist behind your point charachter (like doom)?
  7. What is the affect of multihitting, non-chipping moves and pushblock? Ex: Amigo’s j.RH seems un-pushblockable.

Any technical info like this would be appreciated. I’d also like tips on when to pushblock and try to superjump to escape common traps, like:
cable + storm-y : [shootx4+storm xx delayed grenade]xN
sent + BH-b : [spit + blackheart xx drones]xN
spiral + sent-y: [mash knives + dash + sent, fierce xx call knives]xN
strider+doom loop: [sorry, I dont now the details on this one]

Any info is appreciated.

Whew - tall order. But pushblocking is a big part of my game, so I will give this a shot. Disclaimer: I do not claim to know everything about all things pushblock.

  1. I think the duration of the pushblock state is the same regardless.

  2. Not 100% sure what you’re asking - but I think the answer is ‘no, it does not change’.

  3. I don’t think so - pretty sure anyway. I will try to push a single-hit projectile and confirm next time I play.

  4. Not 100% sure what you’re asking, but I think you take chip and I don’t think pushblock duration is affected.

  5. Yes, the assist gets pushed. Just like the point character.

  6. This doesn’t happen too much, but I’ve seen it a few times. I think it creates a sort of “vacuum effect” that pulls the defending/pushblocking sprite closer to the offensive assist sprite. This can be useful if you have an attack/super that hits behind the sprite (like a Gamma Crush).

  7. Sometimes when you’ve normal jumped, it can create a guard break situation. This seems especially common with the Amingo normal you mention. I don’t really have an explanation for when it happens to grounded characters; seems inconsistent.

Pushblocking attacking point/assist sprites into your own assist can be very useful. Also, it’s important to know when NOT to pushblock - kinda like rolling.

  1. I dont think so, but you can delay the pushblock for a more favorable attacking position (Important)
  2. Its all the same. Regardless if its the 4th or 5th frame.
  3. Ive tried that against chip teams, and currently it doesnt seem as if it does, but I still do it for hope (lol)
  4. Good question…Im thinking the first set may not actually have the same amount of chip as the following sets (which seems to contradict the previous statements)
  5. Yes, and it also pushblocks the main character as well. (Important) Well, I believe it keeps them in a slower state than usual, not reallly pushblocking them.
  6. Yeah, like one mentioned, it pulls the opponent closer to you. This happens because the game has to adjust to the character behind you. The game is based on a “frontal” battle system, and that behavior manipulates the games mechanics.
  7. Multihits basically keep the opponent in hit stun, non-chipping is basically the same as multihits or basic hits. And pushblocking is a nice tactic, but it has its flaws, like opening your defense up for a etc. And pushblocking in the air releases your guard and puts you in normal jump mode. Use pushblocking occassionally, but also use it intelligently.

A cool thing about pushblocking is you can pushblock your opponent into a assist attack, like a slow-moving projectile (Dhalsim Yoga, Spiral Swords, Sent Drones, etc.)