Technics 1200's FOR SALE + PS2 Games, HRAP EX2 all Sanwa + MORE!

The time has come to sell off my DJ stuff…plus a bunch of other stuff:

2x Technics MK3D 1200 Direct Drive Turntables w/ Needles

One needle is a Stanton Scratch
One Needle is an Ortofon (list price $199)

I’m asking $400 EACH + shipping

Anybody like arcade sticks? Here are a few:

Modded Hori Real Arcade Pro EX (360) w/ ALL SANWA $100

And the first full Custom stick that I built:
MC Cthulhu
All Sanwa 9x OBSF-30’s + JLF

I’m selling my entire PS2 game collection as well, there are some gems in the lot:

Persona 4 $20
GTA3 $5
Arcana Heart $10
Bully $7
Guilty Gear X $7
Persona 3 FES $15
Star Ocean - TTEOT $15
KOF 2006 $7
R-Type Final $7
Capcom Fighting Evolution $7
Time Crisis 3 $7
Odin Sphere $12
Shadows of the Collossus $10
Katamari Damacy $7
Castle Shikigami 2 $10
Soul Calibur 3 $7
Tekken 4 $5
Virtua Fighter 4 $5
Tekken TAG $5
Beyond Good and Evil $12
Metal Gear Solid 2 $5
Graduis V $15
Mega Man Anniversary $7
Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence $7
Viewtiful Joe $7
DOA2 : Hardcore $5
Tekken 5 $10
Yakuza 2 $10
Parappa the Rapper2 $5
Raiden III $15
Mobile Light Force 2 (Castle Shikigami 1) $5
Street Fighter Anniversary $10

PM me OR email at matskatcustomsATgmailDOTcom

ALL transactions must be done through PAYPAL!!!

NOTE ABOT SHIPPING FOR GAMES! Prices are listed WITHOUT shipping included. Shipping runs around 7$ for continental US, and includes a bubble envelope. International shipping is by request.

Also, be sure to chedck out my blof at for news, videos, and new joysticks.

Thanks for having a peek…

Ohhhh. I always fancied a set of decks.
I’m afraid my broke arse can only offer you a half-eaten snickers and a couple of spuggy’s eggs for trade, though.

Good luck with the sale, mate. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Broke.

Probably better off, as shipping to UK would demolish my already fragile wallet.

You could just send me a triad of your exquisite sticks in trade!

Wait, no.

Heh…thanks for looking though!

Your sticks DO rock, though.
You and B15 are my favorite builders by far. Excluding myself, that is. (Honestly, I’m totally jealous of the skills, just sayin’)

You should probably specify that those are MK3D 1200s I believe since it has that lock button. They’re a little different from the older MK2 1200s. Sweet tables. I had the same set up. Your mixer looks like PMC-03A. Is it a newer version? I still have that sitting in a box in my room!! Bump for a fellow vinyl junkie.

Thanks, man, very much appreciated. :slight_smile:
It’s a shame you’re selling Betty. Always did like the artwork and colour scheme on that one, and it’s true that you never forget a first love.

…Well, come to think of it I smashed my first one up with a lump hammer*, actually.

  • disclaimer: First stick, I mean, not love. :smiley:

Is fighting evolution taken? If not is that price with shipping included?

PMed about Star Ocean: Til the End of Time

Yo…should I just PM you? Anyone else contact Matskat?

pm sent.

i sent a PM but haven’t had any response. i was asking if the PS2 game prices include shipping.

It looks like there’s a little nudity on the stick. You might want to consider editing it out of the pics. It would be a shame if you got in trouble just for trying to sell on here. If there is no nudity and I’m just imagining things, then… carry on and forget I ever said anything/

^Kinda hard to mistake that. Hope he fixes it quick or this thread may be deleted.

Sorry guys, I made a mistake.

Star Ocean should be $15. I fixed it.

Sorry for any confusion, I bet 5$ looked good! :slight_smile:

I’ve replied to everyone’s PMs…thanks to those who are interested.

(NOTE: I see some posts about the “nudity”. This particular stick has been posted several times on a few different threads and has never been deleted. I’m not sure that it’s really an issue. Let’s just assume that she has pasties on, ok? If anyone IS offended by my drawing, then please PM me and I’ll censor it without making a big scene and embarassing anyone who IS offended by 1/2 of a cartoon boob.)


**EDIT - I covered her up a bit - hope you guys are less offended, and happy with her disguised ass & 1/2 breast ***

lol @ disguised a$$.

You can still see her boob in the bottom pic GL covering it up lol

are you taking any trades for sticks? both of them are really nice

Yeah, I’ll trade you the sticks for some money!

But seriously folks, Paypal :slight_smile:

I have added several updates to my blog.

Matskat’s Custom Arcade Sticks

I’ve added a few new joysticks + articles, news, reviews, etc.

Be sure to stop by.

Those are solid decks. I should see what I can get for my Numark TTX’s. I’ve always wanted a pair of 1200’s even though the TTX has been a really reliable deck. It’s a shame to get rid of your stuff. I hope you hold on to your vinyl and grab a deck just for listening.

Yeah, my vinyl collecion is staying.

Anyway, only reason I’m selling is because there just isn’t room in my house AND even if there was, I can’t really get down like that here.

We’re moving in February…if they don’t sell by then, I’ll keep 'em.

But if they sell in the meantime…