Technique of the Parry

The people who i play against in the arcade, and have seen in videos have mad parrying skills. I was wondering what process goes through people’s mind when they parry? Or how to they decide when they want to. I always thought that players…

A) Watched how the opponent they are fighting against plays and figure out a certain pattern. ie. repeated patterns or strings of attacks.

B) or whiff a move or something so that it could lead to a move that you were expecting to parry. example- dash in right in sweep range, whiff a move expecting them to do a low attack such as a sweep, or somthing, then parry.

C) or estimate the probability of your opponent doing a certain move. example. when fighting against chun-li a good number of people will use low mk a lot. so in the back of your head u are continously expecting it.

D) parry in relation to the opponent’s stance. example - if you are fighting someone and they dash in and does low kicks 2-3 times and you block them, and he is still crouching do you automatically expect another low attack like low medium and parry it ( this could apply to a standing opponent also.

E) flat out guess ( i don’t think that most people do this method )

Also, I know u don’t have to parry everything but do you parry just to counter into a super, or not take block damage?

I would like to know how u other guys parry. Because i never could parry if my life depended on it.

peace out


i parry because i can… why shouldnt i parry that of ken if i expect it…

and btw, if were low on life and dudley rushes in with a corkscrew blow, believe me, ill try to parry, but if i know i can handle the chip damage, i just block…

its for the show as well :smiley: i remember KSK parry a magnetic storm high,low,high,low etc, too kool :smiley:

and when its ken vs ken its usually pure luck, someone does while the other wants to do that as wel, they accidently parry low and give… it happens alot =/

I parry if I :

a) see it coming

b) know its going to happen.

point a is pretty self explanatory, but with B, in certian siutations, like if they block one of your poke, many people will try to sweep you or something as retaliation. Depending on what they tend to do after a blocked hit im sure a parry would be in order.

Red parries are where its at though. PUNISHERRRR.

parrying is best when you know the patterns of your opponent and they dont change it

also, when people throw out a crouching hit, and its block, they tend to throw out another low, if your quick enough you can parry it.


I would NOT try to parry Chun Li’s low forward if she has a meter!

so basically just parry if u know or see that its coming. So is there a lost of anticipation on your part during the match or is it like an instinct that you get ready to parry. Oh yeah, CrazyDazed i was just using it as an example:D . I know that you will get fucked up if u try to parry a low mk if she has meter. Your av tells the truth…


whats a magnetic storm?

One of necro’s supers

I’m psychic

i counter psychics like that.

:stuck_out_tongue: jay – im not going to mtl anymore – i dont think it’s worth it…not enough comp ;[ and too damn far away…

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yes i am. ;[ – nah – i just got a new job, and i’m already attending 2 tournaments that month. attending 3 would mean requesting 3 weeks off of the month…and since i tend to normally work weekends…that’s not such a good thing. :frowning:

you should go anyway and sotp being such a weak bastard! :smiley: Even tho i dont play 3s tho… lol… we dont have it in ottawa :bluu:

what about parry weaving? I don’t know much about 3s, but I think you input parry attempts into your pokes/etc.

Sorta as a cautionary measure or something… like, you attack, then input a parry before your next attack or something. So if they DO attack, it will be parried.

Random parries = scrub shit

You’d most likely eat super, get thrown or combo’ed.

Parrying is a cross between guessing and anticipating, luck and knowledge.

Parry when u feel like parrying.

When u suck, u would try to parry at the wrong times.

When ur good, u wont.

Note that parrying all the time is overrated (and sometimes dangerous). I mean, if you’re playing a character like Q, you’ll probably have to parry a lot to make opportunities for yourself that you might normally be able to make just by blocking had you used another character. Unless your life is low, blocking remains the safest and often preferred strategy. With dudley, for example, one missed parry when he jumps in and you’re going to lose about half your life. The same goes with most characters, but still, though it may be tempting, the risk is generally higher than the reward for anti-air parries.

Back to the original concept about technique, something people will try to do is condition you into attacking. They’ll pretend to set up a pattern (against fast-learning players you often can’t do something more than once), like always attacking on a jump-in or always doing an overhead on an opponent’s wakeup. Many times, he’ll “know” it’s coming and try to do some sort of wake up dp or ex move of that sort. Just one example, sorry I can’t think of better ones.

Well, I used to suck at parrying. All I could parry was fireballs. Then I got tired of getting owned so I just stopped blocking. So I slowly but surely got better at parrying simply because I didn’t pick and choose what to try and parry, I just tried to parry everything. And practice makes perfect. :stuck_out_tongue: Most of my parries come from anticipation and guesses. You just kinda know that on wake-ups, they are going to try to hit you low and if you jump in there’s a good chance they will try to hit you. Stuff like that. But yeah, it might cost a large chunk of quarters to learn to parry by not blocking, but hey, after you do it a while you’re better at it and your game is much better. Hope that helps.


‘i tried to parry everything’ does not produce ‘i now parry well’, no matter how much practice one puts in.

seriously, most of the time, blocking low is so much better than parrying.

get your mopreme on.