Technique with an Arcade Stick


Hey guys. Just picked up my TE fight stick. I’m adjusting well, with a few hiccups with getting used to left and right. My quarters end too late or early. Thats something I can work out and with time i’ll be soul sparking and drilling all day no problem…

The problem I have is dashing. I’m a rose player at heart, a big part of my game is dashing in and out. I gotta dash…I need it like Regis needs Kelly.

But I’m having a hard time getting use to it. I checked out a few grips and I’m still having a tough time getting used to double tapping.

Oddly enough when I’m FADCing, I have no problems dashing because I can queue the motion. But I have problems say…KD, dash out, dash in on wake up, and throw. Every grip i’ve tried doesn’t really help this problem. I started crossing my arms to make dashing left easier…so i can tap with my button hand…but obviously this isn’t a good idea.

So anyone have ideas on grips, or drills i can run to make this easier? I’ve been going in training mode for a bit and dashing in…combo, dash out, dash in, combo, etc etc etc…I also have been dash in throw…dash out, dash in throw, etc etc etc.

So I turn to you guys at SRK. You’re always guiding me on my SF4 path. Well i feel like now is when I really could use you as this will make or break me as a player, heh.



You have no idea what you have just done. Prepare for the wrath my fellow 09er…

But, the answer to your question is just to practice more and more. Some people may take up a month but most people it only takes in 1-2 weeks.


In before lock.

As you may imagine, you’re only about the 3 billionth person to ask this question, and the 2 billionth person to make a thread about it.

Practice. That is all.


::sigh:: lock the thread then.

I find it so frustrating to even post my questions sometimes.

So your saying that this is normal, everyone goes through the growth of an arcade stick and that there is no grip that will solve dashing problems?


you should hold your ball like a glass of wine :slight_smile:


I switch btw grips. 1p side it’s whine glass. 2p side it’s I guess c grip.

Part of it is that I don’t think I come at the stick straight. I hold it slanted going up-right.

I dothis because my body is center with the controller. Should I be more to the right so my arm can straighten out?

If I hold it like a wine glass, how would I input a dash? What would my hand be doing? I have to tighten my arm to get quick wrist flicks which don’t register because the stick doesn’t reset.


Copy/paste from another post I made regarding stick help

Why do you use different grips? Seems to me that it would be counter-productive? I mean you establish muscle memory for one grip, then switch to another? Seems like that would be working against each other. In the heat of battle are you switchin’ grips when you switch sides?

Seems to me you gotta be like water when it comes to grip. The best grip is no grip or something like that.


I don’t grip the ball at all. I surround the ball without touching it, and when I need to do the move I press that direction.


I could’ve sworn it was just enjoying the game which determines a player, not how you hold a stick. Do what comes natural. Like Mr. Miyagi said “Belt means no need rope hold up pants.”


Just practice … It’ll solve all of your problems. There is no trick in holding the stick, and trying to find out alternative “techniques” will only make it seem more difficult. It all comes naturally with time.


No joke…play some BlazBlue…you will get really really good at dashing or get raped so badly that its not even funny.

I was horrible at dashing until recently…it was playing BB for a few days (before selling it back, wasn’t what I was hoping for) and then hitting SF4 training mode until my dashing is automatic now.

I was just like you and I went from being horrible at dashing to being really solid at dashing (including things like bison and chun’s dash into ultra) in under two weeks.

Just hit training mode for an hour each day and do NOTHING but precise dashing.


Agreeing with Para here. BB has some crazy requirements on stick agility for some characters. Dash in, SJ IAD back while poking, etc. Try it out and see if that helps step your agility up.

And on a related note, I was thinking about changing the spring in my TE to something tighter. Anyone know the size I would need (probably more of a tech talk question…)?


TE is a JLF…look at the youtube channel for Akihabarashop and he has a video tutorial on how to mod the spring (by adding a second spring, iirc) for a tighter stick…gives you more of an LS-32 feel instead of the really loose JLF feel.


I dash pretty weird. I hold it in a wineglass style, but when I dash I let go of the stick with my ring and pinky finger and use the index and middle to quickly press left twice. For back dash I let go of the grip for a second and use my thumb to quickly press right twice. Its worked so far for me. :sweat:


Rub peanut butter and jelly on the buttons and hold the stick wrapped with some sand paper


I only recently (earlier this year) started playing with stick. I was a casual follower of SF tournaments and games. I wasn’t competitive at all. Pad is where I felt at home since I only played on console. Though I started getting into competitive SF this year. At Final Round I met some folks and they urged me to try stick. It took me a good 2 weeks to really get used to it but now I prefer the stick. Though, weirdly enough, I prefer American stick to Jap. Which is somewhat weird considering my generation of stick users is crowded with Jap lovers. Basically I just kept playing with the stick, practicing basic execution in training mode and playing online/with friends IRL.


ME TOO!!! BFFs!!!




Sounds stupid, but this helped me finding my own style to play: [media=youtube]PsME37GrqjY[/media]