Techno music during evo


was that a red hot chilipeppers techno mix of under the bridge?

if so some one got a link to that file?


the music was pretty shitty. everyone wanted him to change it.


lol i do agree im just saying that one track


Who is everyone?


i didnt hear anyone complain about the music.


I thought that shit was bomb as hell…of course it’s what I listen to so yeah. And yes the RHCP’s remix was bomb.


I didn’t mind the music at all. Was wondering where the guy who was selling the beans and glowsticks at?


I’m pretty sure that it has to be the Justice Remix, since they’re the only ones with one of those out there.


in the evo theme they have used for the past few years (the sandstorm remix), in the beginning when you hear “na na na na na na” is that an anime theme song? im thinking inuyasha?


isnt that from Ayuma Hamasaki’s Evolution song

she has sooo many different versions of that one song lol


yes it was Evolution by Ayu…perhaps the goldenscan remix?

anyway, I did enjoy the music including that RHCP remix


I just remember the marvel commentators were like Yo u got any 2pac or biggie…? other than that I didn’t hear any complaints.


Yup, it is indeed Ayumi Hamasaki… and you’re right about Evolution being remixed a million times. Awesome song… one of my fav:


I don’t have a problem with good techno music but I do agree that maybe they could have mixed it up a bit more.


Most people complaining wanted Hip Hop or gangster rap music. I don’t mind the music at all.


I would’ve loved some old school SFII music… Guile… USA!