Technology Decisions

Ok my neighbor SRKers… an American friend of mine is getting me another PDA for losing mine. I now have three to four options to dealing with this issue:

1/. Ask for this.
- Like I said: I need a PDA. No Palm crap.

**2/. Ask for a black DS Lite and get DSOrganize. **
- Really a step in the right direction since I will be getting one eventually. Two birds.

3/. Ask for a Samsung Blackjack(if it takes Sim/Smart Cards)
- Looks sweet and gets me back into the phone biz without me spending a penny. Actually screw this…too expensive.

** 4/. Ask for a PSP**
- Again, but I have no interest in supporting another cartridge, but FFT is the seller here.

**5/. 250 USD Cash back.

  • **quicker, and less crap to deal with, but the dollar is weak.

I’m leaning towards the first three options because of PC/Laptop syncing issues. Please discuss this.

…that went well.

Cash back is the easiest for both parties I would think.

This way you can get the said item when ever you want.