Tecktonik/Electro-Dance the new B-Boying?

So I’ve been aware of Tecktonik as a french dance style for a good couple of years now, but never really thought much of it. It was always a bit too slow and choreographed for my liking, a bit too feminine, for lack of a better description. However, just recently I was searching some of it up online and came across Russian electro dancers and actually, they seem to have moved on a lot from what the french dancers have been doing.

I don’t know whether it’s just me, but their style seems to be a lot faster, a lot more complicated and a lot more hip-hop influenced. While a lot of these Russian dancers are in the younger generation, I’m actually quite inspired by what they’re coming up with and look forward to what this style has to offer in coming years.

Don’t know whether any of you guys are fans of modern dance styles, but just thought I’d post a couple of these vids to see what you think…