Teen Assassinates Mother, Caps Father in the Head Over Halo 3!



…so yeh they’re blaming the kid’s mental health on videogames.



the dad is a true broad. you can tell its a kid who was never truly disciplined

i love how parents who fail as parents continue to shift the blame



That’s some cold shit!!


And it continues…facepalms


Im just going to say it…White people…


xfactor in real life


Isn’t this old news? Isn’t it an update to the story? IIRC this happened and the son hadn’t been sentenced yet. I believe this occurred last year? I say that because I distinctly remember it happening to a pastor and his wife.


Yeh maybe, the story does say Halo 3, that must be almost 5 years old now.


yeah this is an update

the little shit deserves the death penalty


A black kid killed his mother for a similar reason last year, so no.


B B B But he said he missed his mum


looks at handle…bias much


Never really played the new Halos. Was the pistol as good in Halo 3 as in the original? If not, poor choice of murder weapon.

Also I think it might be legal, in every state except Ohio, to shoot anyone who sits down to watch a Cleveland Indians game.

I saw a reenactment of this crime on some tv show like a year back. It was dealing with youth murders. Really odd stuff. Sure he had to be a lil messed up in the head to validate killing his parents for this reason.


Another gun related tragedy in the US, really?


I feel truly sorry for this pastor and I feel for his loss. That said he’s a true simpleton and weak-minded to think Video games made his son kill his wife and attempt to kill him. The kid is just mentally unstable and didn’t value life, so he took his mothers and tried totake his fathers.


…and that’s why I’ll make my kids get into fighting games.

I rather have my kids try to fight me (and lose lol) than to peek-a-boo me with a bullet.


“They put weapons in the hands of our children that teaches them murder, and that killing is okay.”

No I’m pretty sure you were the reason he had the gun, not Halo 3. And what the fuck was he doing with holopoints?


lol I’m black broham, which is funny, because I didn’t think you wereblack until recently.

I’m like Fox news without the corruption and racism, “Fair and Balanced”. :tup:


article was a terrible read for a multitude of obvious reasons. for one, “apologize for being a shit”?

moral of the story here isn’t don’t give your kid halo 3. it’s don’t take away a video game from your physically-impaired teen for no fucking reason and leave him bored as shit. not like he was gonna go snowboard again


Hollow points are used for hunting, and have a reduced piercing ability, preventing them from doing shit like killing people in near by houses by going through walls…

I may disagree with what the man said about video games, but I am anything but against a citizen having a gun…

Not locking them up was his mistake…