Teen Gohan Thread - Protect the World You Love


Compiling character subthreads, post your tech/discussion here!

Please @ me if any tech you’d like adding to the OP comes up!


anyone know of a reliable way to extend this combo after the freeza assist? he doesnt land in enough time to do his lvl1 super.


All I can think of is super jump > L if you’re touching the ground


I found a Teen Gohan touch of death combo with 7 bars and sparking blast



Teen gohan max damage combo, BNB optimals and more…

And with that and the other videos I did for him, I am done with the character till I do tag stuff for him, or bug/glitch or any kinda meta etc that he has as he has quite a bit


Anyone got a consistent Bomb loop BnB on small bodies?

Most combos I’ve seen are on Mediums and bigger.




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GntcJjg4qpo boop


And even more. Full screen, NO meter, NO assist, ALL character type universal bomb loop.


hug combos


Every screen position bomb loops and some not. Showed off a few combos with meter just to show the difference of how you can actually get more damage meterless than using meter in some situations again even with out using bomb loops