Teen shoots self in head.....because of a dare?


Police: Teen accidentally shot self in webcam chat

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – Investigators say a Philadelphia teen who accidentally shot himself in the head was handling the gun after his manhood was challenged by another person during a webcam chat.
Capt. John Gallagher says the 18-year-old was in an online chat early Wednesday when he shot himself with a gun he apparently believed was not loaded.
The Philadelphia Daily News ( http://bit.ly/L5ugl2 ) reports the teen remained hospitalized in extremely critical condition.
Investigators say they’re still trying to find out who the teen was chatting with when he was wounded. They want to find out if the exchange was recorded.
Gallagher says the teen’s two brothers were asleep in the room at the time. Police haven’t released his name.

Information from: Philadelphia Daily News, http://www.philly.com

Whoever got that guy to shoot himself in the head is the Best Troll of the Week.


The species just got stronger


i told you i was hardcore


So uh, are you posting this so people can make fun of this idio…I mean dude or so they can be sympathetic about him bustin’ a cap in his stupid fuc…about “accidentally” shooting himself?

I dont want to say the wrong shit and have people get upset with me.


His manhood was challenged?

No self respecting man would ever should himself on purpose.


Did we just evolve into even smarter people?


Why are they looking for the other teen who dared him?
They have no legal standing to take any action against him. Tell the guy’s mother that her son is an idiot. That’s the only action that should be taken



…Oh? Only one got shot? because of what?

Looks like someone did inherit the troll face guy’s legacy.



this guy just made me facepalm


Hopefully he kicks off, we dont need his genes in the gene pool.


I have a perfect song/video to post, but I think it’d be in pretty poor taste.



go ahead. this guy gets no pc sympathy



The last minute or so is all I could think of when I saw this thread.


2 or 3 miles away from my house. Heard about this.

Stupid Crazy motherfuckas

Philly is a hell of a fun place. Dont spend your time for enjoyment on internet chats blowing your brains out.

Come Downtown and chill…better yet go to UVP arcade and hangout.


You hate to see this type of thing happen.




the proof that the stupidity its only cured with dead


The legal guardian should be held responsible for leaving a mentally challenged teen unsupervised.

Also, why did a mentally challenged teen have a loaded gun?

It’s better if he shoots himself by accident than decides to experiment in public like a school or mall.


I posted it to get to read some funny shit from GD.

And to see if Matriarch would try to make the thread about her, somehow