Teen stabs and attacks another man after an xbox live fight


If you don’t want to read it here’s a summary. these two people were arguing over xbox live, person a told person b to show up and do something, person b did and took a loaded handgun and a knife and stabbed him numerous times.

long story short, e-thugs are real.


Shows up with a gun but stabs the guy instead?
Must be a call of duty player.


was he from new york because those are the ones who usually make the death threats




nah, California




i told u i was hardcore

No but seriously, yikes. This is like the dude that choked the kid over COD and then HAHAHAHA LOOK AT THAT GUY.


I was about to say the real story here is how did the attacker find this guy but they knew each other IRL anyway. This story really has nothing to do with the XBOX or online gaming at all. The attacker would have murked Mr. Pillsbury over there anytime/anyplace and it’d be a footnote story instead.


I wonder if the teen teabagged the other guy after everything was done.


Teenagers getting mad over Xbox Live? I’ll add to my list of “why I lose faith in humanity”.



Yeah, my hometown! OAKLEY, REPRESENT!


22 Stabs and not one kill?..noob must have a shitty K/D ratio IRL.



and this is supposedly the FGC

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if he wasnt so fat he’d be dead right now, those stabs probably felt like a session of acupuncture to him.


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This is why I use the mute button and haven’t bothered replacing my busted mic.

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So, they just happened to be using the xbox as if it were a phone? Long time family friends with a long standing feud. Video games, they are evil.

p.s. RockB is racist. Im glad I have a new thug to beat sluts I dont need no racist fucktard representing me.


talk about dropping combos


i bet that that Asian cop knows martial arts.